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Tinnitus Awareness Week is nearly here!


Next week is Tinnitus Awareness Week. Please support us and get involved in any of the following ways online:

1.If you use social media professionally or socially, share and use the hashtag #TAW2017

2.Download a ‘Together for Tinnitus’ postcard and show your support with a selfie on social media during the week

from tinnitus.org.uk/TAW2017

3.Download the TAW avatar from tinnitus.org.uk/TAW2017 and use it as your profile image on social media

4.Download or request a TAW poster from the BTA website tinnitus.org.uk/TAW2017 and display it locally so that more people know it’s Tinnitus Awareness Week

5.Let your GP know that the new Tinnitus Guidelines for GPs are available so they can become more informed – these will be available online on Monday 6 February

6.Join in with our Thunderclap on Friday 10 February - ‘We are standing together for tinnitus #TAW2017.’ Please sign up if you use Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and help us make a big social media noise during TAW2017. You can sign up at thndr.me/33TB3Z - it’s quick and easy and only one message will be sent from your account at 12 noon on the Friday of TAW

7.Support us with a donation – we need to raise half a million pounds each year to continue our UK wide support. Donations can be made

at from tinnitus.org.uk/TAW2017

As you can see, my pals with big ears are getting in on the act too!

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Will do my best - I have normally been reticent on face book , but I promote support of homelesss people and women experinecing domestic abuse , so now its time to be more ' open' and promote something that affects me

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