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The Tinnitus Clinic - any feedback?

Hi all,

New user to this forum, had T for 10yrs+, but it's got really bad for some reason over the last 3/4 mths. I don't seem to be making any progress in getting any help from the NHS, so I'm starting to look at private treatments in desperation.

I know there are no guaranteed cures for this horrible condition, but there are places that claim to offer treatments which can alleviate the symptoms. I wondered if anyone had any experience of The Tinnitus Clinic? This seems to be a well established and respectable organisation, but I'm worried I'd just be throwing money away on fairy dust & magic beans.

Any thoughts or advice gratefully received.

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The main options are medication to help sleep or depression and CBT or TRT and maskers or hearing aids and natural sounds to play through the night set below your tinnitus

Your brain will work hard pick up the lower sound you have chosen and help your brain not focus on your tinnitus and in time helps it in the day as your brain builds up it's natural filter.

The BTA shop have sound units to buy or download apps.

You won't get much better care than the NHS and after care as it's the best but takes time.

TRT is not widely available on the NHS and people can go private but it can take 1-2 years of TRT counselling with maskers so only available in some hospitals under the NHS....lots of love glynis

I was put on Low dose nortryptaline and really helped my tinnitus as it can help some people with tinnitus also it's cousin Amitryptaline.


Because I received some money I was able to go to The Tinnitus Clinic. I was especially interested in learning more about a neuronomics device which seemed to be having some success - but apparently my type of tinnitus (a constant loud hissing) would not respond to this treatment and, after a hearing test, I was fitted with hearing aids for minor hearing loss with a white noise addition. I certainly find these help - and they are available on the NHS. I am supported also by the NHS which offers mindfulness sessions at the Royal Ear Nose and Throat hospital.

The Clinic is knowledgeable, supportive and helpful but it is also a business.


Save your money! The last scientific trial into acoustic neuromodulation failed to show any benefit. Not sure where it is now on the new site but Nic would be able to point you to an article by the BTA regarding the trial and the results. Don't be taken in by the testimonials on the Tinnitus Clinic website (or any other for that matter).



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