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I'm new to this forum,

My name is carol I'm 45 years old and have been suffering with tinnitus for around 8 years, I didn't mention it to my GP until recently as its got a lot worse I was referred to an audiologist nothing abnormal was found.

However I had a really bad cold just before Christmas and my tinnitus when through the roof I wasn't able to mask it at all and certain noises have now started to hurt my ears, also I've started to have dizzy spells which are horrible they only last for a few seconds but I get very disorientated and distressed,

I recently went back to my GP and mentioned that my tinnitus had worsened I feel very isolated as I feel I have no support and don't know where to turn my GP simply said to contact BTA. I don't know what to do anymore

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Hi Carol,

Welcome to the forum.

I am sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time at the moment. Since you are experiencing some dizziness, this could be connected with your auditory system. If I were you, I’d go back to my GP to discuss this.

I have written an article on tinnitus that some people have found helpful. Even though you have had tinnitus for some time you might find it useful. If you would like to read it, please send me an email and I'll send it to you. In the mean time, please read my post: New to tinnitus what to do. The link is below.

All the best


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It sounds like you could have a secondary infection in your ears due to your cold like laybrinthitus and would explain the dizzy feeling and might need anti viral or antibiotics or eardrops and something like Buccastem or Proclorperazine or Cinnarazine or Betahistine.

This would also cause a spike in your tinnitus so please get checked out...lots of love glynis


I had my ears checked last time I visited my GP and he said there was no sign of infection, but since then I get sudden sharp pain not constantly more occasionally, and these very quick dizzy spells


I think I would still get checked as a precaution....lots of love glynis


I shall do next week but I find going very difficult as I sufferfrom terrible depression and I don't feel I'm being listened to, it really puts me off


Hi Carol. My thoughts are withat you. I have a lot of tinnitus related pain and have had to try and find my own way to manage due to cuts etc. I have found a private counsellor to help cope with the pain and it's impact and have booked an appointment with an osteopath next week. Fortunately I am still working and have some savings. The Forum and a support group help too . X

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Yes I'm struggling to find any kind of support at all x


Sorry , and sorry if I came across as negative. I cope -ish - by working . I hope you can get some help - it's a shame it is so patchy , that's why the BTA is good. But it would be good it there could be much more uniformity of services x


Hello Carol and welcome to the forum. I would suggest that you go back to your GP and ask for a referral to your local audiology department. If you contact the BTA helpline on 0800 018 0527 or my colleagues can send you details of your local hospital services to share with your GP. They can also give you help and support over the phone.

It's not uncommon for colds and the like to cause tinnitus to spike - the mucus membranes of the ears, nose and throat are all one system, and as one of our experts says "snotty nose means snotty ears!" - a little coarse, but you get the gist.

Best wishes



I was referred last year to both ENT and audiology, slight hearing loss and ENT told me too manage my mental health that's all I got and then discharged, I really struggle to get my GP to listen or understand, feeling very isolated


I had terrible flu just before new year with all the symptoms and it stayed a few days. I felt as if someone had taken a grater to my throat and ears.

I get off balance quite a bit when I walk about and my eyes are bleary. I feel slightly better than I did but it's extremely frightening and I get distressed too.

I am wondering if it is just the aftermath. I know it can take time for some people to recover. Perhaps

I saw ENT at the end of December and was told my sinuses were clear and no fluid in ears. I get a lot of mucus problems but was told it's not caused by my sinuses. And I wonder how then? Flu came on next day.

Hopefully it's the aftermath of flu for both of us. Anxiety is a killer. I have found myself crying as it is horrible.

Hoping you are feeling better. X

I found one GP in my practice who is good and I also have issues with mental health as I had a breakdown last may and my tinnitus went through the roof with it. I moved away from a noisy alcoholic neighbour after three years of constant noise and then had a breakdown.

I am still trying to get better.

Stress and anxiety are awful and it affects our immune systems. That's maybe how we got such bouts of illness.

As I say, I hope you're a bit better now.


Hi my tinnitus has a slight improvement i'm just so down because I find it hard to manage, like yourself I have mental health issues and I feel the tinnitus just makes it worse


Hi Carol71,

I hope your getting good support for your Mental Health.

Counselling , CBT,MIND,Mental Health and Samaritans are all great support and medication

Tinnitus can take away confidence,self worth,concentration,independence getting out and about in loud places and shopping centres and public transport etc.

We are all here for you ,not just tinnitus but when feeling low also to help get through the down times...lots of love glynis


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