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I've had my tinnitus now for a few years. It started with a screeching and hissing sound in my head and I've acquired several other sounds in my ears over the time I've had it. I felt I'd habituated to the head noises quite well eventually, juSt with the passage of time. They didn't really bother me. Its the other noises I have trouble with. This past week or so the head sounds have come back in to my consciousness and I can't concentrate. They're almost impossible to mask and it's making me very depressed. I don't know why I'm so aware of them again after all this time. I don't want to fall into the trap of monitoring my tinnitus although it's difficult not to. Will it be possible to habituate again? Will it be a quicker process this time? Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks


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Hi Georgia,

I'm sure you will be fine...

Try relax and do deep breathing and see your doctor for help if you need it.

I was put on nortryptaline to help sleep and I think helped my tinnitus also as it can for some people.

Keep sound on around you and try not listen out for your sounds but I know it can be hard.

I know what you mean about concentration but it will come back as you relax more...

Try not to worry and remember stay positive life does go on with tinnitus and you will get through this st..ronger.

Keep your hood up when out in the cold...lots of love glynis


Thanks Glynis. It's so weird. This hasn't bothered me since I first got my tinnitus. The other sounds have spiked but this feels different. It's just filtered back into my mind. I feel like I've gone back to the start. It's so frustrating because I can't mask it so hear it all the time. Anyway am trying to stay cheerful. Had a break from all the relaxation stuff but am meditating and just started breathing exercises again. Listening to the Xmas tunes on the radio, sure to keep me smiling!

Hope you're doing OK.

Georgia xx

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I'm doing fine Thank you.

Got my little grandson all next week so he will be keeping me busy xxx

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Stress doesn't help with coping with tinnitus - and at this special time of year things do get stressful - but we are supposed to be celebrating!!! Good luck - and keep busy and amongst friends for diversion.

Good luck.


Thanks. Yeah stress def makes coping harder but doesn't strangely directly affect my tinnitus. Just the rest of me!


Hi Georgia - Im listening to christmas tunes too! definitely helps!



Hi Bee

Glad you're enjoying the Christmas tunes! I'm really struggling at the moment. Having a change in my very first tinnitus sound after all this time is affecting me greatly. It's waking me up and my mood is getting lower. I really feel as if I've gone right back to the onset of my tinnitus. It's really hard to mask. Do you know of any good websites with tinnitus masking sounds? Does anyone know? I've looked on YouTube but can't anything much

Georgia xx

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Hi Georgia, yes its pretty awful when its bad… Im sorry to hear that. sleeping is really important and less stress, 2 things Im working on haha, not doing very well though. Christmas tunes and music helps, but at night I listen to ocean sounds, but also do something I know I shouldn't which is watch shows on my iPad - and just let them run till I fall asleep. Its probably a terrible idea. Websites with soothing masking sounds Im not familiar with any but i just play the sound machine on the ocean - its predictable for me and I never turn it off. It has many other sounds as well. maybe someone knows of a good website for masking sounds.. enjoying the christmas tunes through the next week ! XOXO Bee


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