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Bronchiectasis and excess sweating

I finally got my diagnosis a few years back and once on treatment started sweating within a year, at first just a bit inconvenient for a few moments but now I'm hot all the time and any humidity in the air; from the weather, washing up, even coffee machines in cafe's; starts off a complete meltdown that doesn't stop until I leave the environment. Anyone else having this problem and how do you deal with it ?

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I don't get this as bad but my body temp is always all over the place. Either way to cold or way to hot. Maybe its down to fighting lots of infections i think? Or a bad reaction to long term meds?


O, how I'd love to feel cold again ;-) The meds keep being changed and my infection levels are quite low but my body temp is all over the place. Time for more questions with the consultant I think ...


I’m constantly hot (and sweaty) the only time I really feel cold is when I’ve caught something and am getting sick.

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Good not to be alone with this.


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