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I have this itchy rash on my face that goes over my nose , over both sides of my face and onto my chin .Also my front part of my scalp is itchy . my eyes are now becoming itchy and sore as if they have grit in them . I did go to the doctors because of the rash on my chin as it then was blistered and sore . he said it was a sweat rash !!! and gave me some steroid cream to apply . the rash over my nose could be rosacea . And that there's nothing he can do for it .. The itching is driving me crazy , the skin on nose and the sides of my face is becoming more flaky and sore , and my eyes are hurting . not to mention the itching scalp . As the doctor has said there's nothing he can do for me surely I'm not meant to go through life scratching at my skin ... 😣

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  • Have a look on sounds like type 2 rosacea partly caused by demodex mites

  • I'm really sorry to hear about your suffering, I've been through it twice.

    I didn't know it was Rosacea the first time I had it, the specialist told me it was acne, this time I self diagnosed it by looking up my symptoms on Google and looking at the images. Everyone I spoke to about it told me to try many different things, so I jumped from one thing to another but it kept getting worse. I searched online and found that it could be caused by Demodex and found a Chinese doctor who had helped many people. I ordered the cream and soap and I have to say that it's gone. I have photos of what it was like in March, 2016'ish I can take some now to show you, I have some from In between too. I'm not saying it was easy, it seemed to take a long time to start working and some days it seemed really good and others not so. But I'm really glad I stuck at it. I also ordered some creams from Zenmed, I was going to take them on holiday with me but they arrived too late and the Rosacea was almost gone by the time I got back, so I never got round to trying it. I've tried to copy and paste some photos but it won't let me, message me if you want to see them.

    I want you to know that there is hope, try not to let it make you stressed.

    Below is the information I read and the details for the cream and soap.

    Good luck and let me know how you get on with whatever you decide to do.

    Violetta x

  • No you don't need to live your life scratching! I've had rosacea for 40 years, tried every so called remedy in the book. 2 years ago I had a really bad flare up that I couldn't get under controland I couldn't face any more antibiotics as my system was totally wrecked. I did a lot of research until I eventually went to see a nutritionist - he prescribed digestive enzymes, fish oils, zinc and probiotics, I was already taking evening primrose oil. I use the Calmin range of products - cleanser, night cream and day cream. I follow a low inflammation diet and drink gallons of filtered water. I have been completely symptom free for 18 months. Thise disease is very definitely linked to your digestive system so please investigate. I use a daily suncream - clinique SFP 40. Good luck - you can beat it!

  • I have some wonderful products from the dead sea that has been helping a great friend of mine with her rosasea. She also has it in her face. Is there a way you can message me here? I am new to this site

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