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Anyone help with post-varices banding treatment

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Hi, I've got cirrohsis from Hep C and have developed oesophagal varices. Had prophylactic banding yesterday and can't tolerate food, have continual "heartburn" and have difficulty drinking. Any idea how long this lasts?

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Looking at the variety of patient leaflets online from different hospitals, it seems up to 48 hours isn't unusual for the sore throat. Restrict yourself to cold not hot drinks. If you still have difficulty swallowing after 48 hours, contact the endoscopy unit where you had the procedure as it may be the gullet has narrowed slightly due to scar tissue.

hey. did they tell you only to drink fluids for the first 24 hours then soft diet for the next 24 hours and them eat what you want? I know its hard but it helps to keep the swelling down. Mine usually lasts upto a week and a half x

Wow no they said to drink cold drinks for the first 4 hours then soft diet 'til the next day lol. Thanks both for the info. I'll take it more steadily and rein in expectations

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was fine the next day eating and drinking , still abit giddy from the sedation though. i would contact your hospital

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Ph1ldad in reply to Hidden

Everything is much better this morning. I only had a local because I'm not struck on generals and I'm a single parent :-) Can't look after the kids if I'm dopey lol

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Ruby52 in reply to Ph1ldad

I've had 8 done now, they go when I used to drink, massive blood loss, I have had the spay & the sedative, I would go for the sedative every time, I only felt dopey for a short while, you know what go's on but forget so quick just like giving birth, if we remembered we would not ever do it again x

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I'm more than 2 weeks down the road from the first banding and have just spent the day at the A&E. They thought I'd had a heart attack lol. It seems to have settled down now tho. I've got to go back within a month for another look. Don't like the sedative, I'd rather walk away and being a single parent means I can't look after the kids so well. I'm a bit surprised that the varices went from barely visible to grade 3 in only 1 year. I've never given birth lol. I went thro our childrens' birth totally straight- never felt a thing!

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Ruby52 in reply to Ph1ldad

Like that answer (baby) I found that I must be used to having the bands, as can eat a few hours later, the hospital feel sorry for me, so they always gave me ice cream to start YUM.

I reach so much, feel I am chocking & and can't breath, so if there was no sedative they can use a hammer lol.

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Ph1ldad in reply to Ruby52

Yh I know that feeling. I have to say I've had many different procedures, including liver biopsy, but none are as bad as the endoscopy but I don't like the "valium" feeling :-(

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bobbycat in reply to Ruby52

That's interesting because my first banding gave little pain afterwards but my second was much worse...dr said it was because I had scar tissue from the first endoscopy but you seem to tolerate them all ok

Hi there, my husband has now had varices banded 4 times in the past year, each time his recovery has been up to a week before he manages a proper solid diet. Take it very easy over first day as rough food or really hot drinks can cause the banding to come undone, soft diet until you think you can tolerate harder stuff. My hubby can feel drinks and anything he eats passing his banding site as it goes into his stomach and he winces in a bit of discomfort. Best wishes with your recovery from banding, not the most pleasant of procedures - it and the whole endoscopy procedure is one which my hubby tolerates the least of all his treatments.

As regards 'Heartburn' as you describe it, have you been prescribed anything for excess stomach acid - my hubby has to take Omeprazole for that as one of his main symptoms was excess acid and it of course burns banding sites if reflux takes place.

Take Care.

Thanks for the feedback AyrshireK, I'm much better this morning. I know what your husband means tho. I've had many different procedures but none are as bad as the endoscope lol. My first time having banding done and I really didn't know what was "normal"

I have had 8 banding sessions and 24 bands over the last 6 months. I seem to get bad pain compared to others. Post banding I always start with liquids and then soft foods over a few days. Bread I find the most difficult and this takes 2-3 weeks before I can tolerate it. It is also important to eat slowly and not large mouthfuls. I can cause some intense pain for a few minutes if I forget this. It does get better eventually and now I am normal in diet. Good luck.

Wow you been through the mill:-) I also find bread to be difficult and I've started to get reflux as well lol. Still, I'd rather this than having any bursts; don't fancy that at all you have to lie on your side at night for a week? Read that somewhere but was t told that.... I hated the procedure ..choking despite Valium ..what is the spray like? I would like both when I have it done again next week!

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AyrshireK in reply to bobbycat

Hi bobbycat, my hubby has never been told anything about lying on your side for a week and he's had countless endoscopies since 2012.

He learned a wee technique with the throat spray because he'd been getting both it and the sedation every time. A couple of his procedures had failed due to his over active gag reflex.

The spray hits the back of your throat and if you are still breathing at the time it can literally shock the back of your throat and immediately trigger your gag reflex which is what caused your choking feeling. At his transplant assessment one of the endoscopy nurses told hubby to HOLD HIS BREATH whilst the spray is applied ....... ask them to wait till you've done that and hopefully you won't be gagging from the outset and your procedure will go more smoothly.

No one hates this procedure more than hubby (we even enquired about a General Anaesthetic but got told absolutely no!). His last few since learning the technique above have gone much more smoothly and successfully.

All the best for it. Over and done in 10 minutes but still a horrid procedure.

Katie x

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Indre123 in reply to AyrshireK

Oh i will try to use the tip about the throat spray,as i am gaging so badly,and then feeling guilty that doctors can’t do their job🤦🏼‍♀️

I can't understand why we can't have a general as the 2mg Valium we are given is ridiculously low..I haven't tried spray as Ihate feeling I can't breath but does the numbing and sedative make it less horrible? I do know they do generals in special cases varices here in uk but what the special cases are I don't know! Hope your hubby is getting on ok

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AyrshireK in reply to bobbycat

My hubby gets sedated with 50mcg Fentanyl and 4mg Medazolam plus has the throat spray (Xyclocaine). He hardly knows the procedure is happening and doesn't remember it afterwards.

Early on he was really scared and struggling with the procedure and as I say we asked about GA but the answer was no because they would need to have an operating theatre, anaesthetist and also it would be difficult to pass a camera and possibly banding tool down your throat whilst you also have a breathing tube down your throat. He says once they put the bite block in to his mouth he shuts his eyes and just hopes to snooze .......... he certainly isn't aware of the procedure having happened (he's really shocked when I tell him he's only been away 10 minutes with the procedure taking a fraction of that).

Since doing the wee trick above with the throat spray it doesn't trigger his gag reflex and he has tolerated the procedure very well for past few times.

Hope it goes alright with you.


Is this your first banding? I know I experienced pain in chest and difficulty eating on the second banding and dr said it was scar tissue. The first one was better

Hi I had mine banded I was advised to take gaviscon for heartburn and told to eat sloppy food and warm not hot drinks mine lasted 3 days before I could eat.

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