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ct abdomen (biphasic)

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Hello, well found out that I am having a scan in a few weeks time after having an ultrasound. I am rather scared, one looks up on the internet and then you are bombarded with all this information. I cannot stand the waiting. I wonder how long it would take if it was private?

Anyone else who has had a ct?

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Hello try not to be too worried. I know you can't help worrying. I am talking from experience. I had an ultrasound, then a phone call and about three days later a CT scan. Then another phone call followed by an MRI scan about another few days later and about a week later a Biopsy and an appointment. Next I had a contrast ultrasound. All these tests I had within one month from first ultrasound.What I am saying is if the hospital want to see you because results need clarifying there is no waiting involved. Having said this I understand your concern. I am sure if you wanted the CT scan done privately you would only have to wait about three days but it would be very expensive. Hope this might help you decide.

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well had an apt with hep consultant and he said that on the ultrasound, saw a cyst like pressing against gall bladder hence mri with contrast just worried now and have 3 weeks to have to done and then see the consultant. For two years have had pain on right side and they kept saying it was IBS.

Thank you all for replying

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Tatjana in reply to daisy11

Hi Daisy

Just to tell you that I had to wait the longest time for a Contrast Ultrasound. I also agree that the waiting is the hardest part and I sympathise. I agree with Bolly you have to find a way which works with you. I did it on Face Book but I did not mention hospital, doctor, surgeon. All my friends knew what I was going through so I wrote everything cryptically and turned it into Adult Games like 'find the vegetable' (bone marrow biopsy) and winning prizes (results). That is how I coped and I was supported totally by family and friends. Also I agree with Bolly the scans do not hurt and I found the nursing staff doing the scans very friendly. I am sure you will also.

Ah the waiting, lol! Waiting for appointments, waiting in waiting rooms, waiting for tests, waiting for results. Waiting is the worst, but its part of this rollercoaster Daisy - find a way, whatever works for you, to manage the waiting.

Are you scared of the scan itself for just frustrated by having to wait?

The CT is pretty quick, non invasive, all you do is lie on a trolley while a donut shaped ring buzzes and whirrs over you. Its not a claustrophobic tube like an MRI. Its very easy and totally painless!

I echo what Bolly has told you about the Scan- it is quick and painless. I had an ink like substance injected but again painless. Additionally had to drink down a large quantity of that horrible looking barium meal type substance before hand and that for me was the worst part but again painless.

Not sure if going private gets things done all that much quicker because you still usually require pre authorisations from the Insurers as well as a pre procedure appointment with a specialists as well as interim appointments between procedures if more than one. I have used both private medical insurance and NHS in the past and have not found waiting times with the latter all that long. More important the treatment received has been on a par

Good luck .

Oh daisy, cant offer advice, just sending well wishes. I have had similar pain and guess what.. they have also said it might be IBS. Best of luck. Keep us up to date

Ah Daisy I see you now say its an MRI with contrast? That's different to a CT. The MRI is the machine where you go inside a tube for the scan so can be a bit claustrophobic. I find keeping my eyes shut so I can see the roof close to my face helps! Some people find it a bit clunky and noisy but you can have music or radio through headphones.

Both CT and MRI can be done with contrast so you do have an IV but its just a scratch like a blood draw.

If its a CT with contrast, check if the instructions say you have to drink anything before - you should have a leaflet from the hospital telling you how to prepare. If not, give them a ring and check. You don't have to drink anything for the MRI as it doesn't use an iodine based dye.

There will be more waiting afterwards, for the results. The radiographers who do the scan don't write up the report. They will send the images to a consultant radiographer who will do a written report from the images. Trauma cases (A&E) will take priority so be patient but it will be sent to your consultant eventually and then they will discuss with you. If there is anything urgent/sinister you will hear very quickly, so this really is a case of slow news is good news!

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