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Gallstones-liver concern

Hi am new to blogging but would appreciate advice. Whilst under going investigations for ibs, it has been discovered I have multiple gallstones. Am concerned about having op to remove gb, not because of the procedure, but because of the long term affects afterwards. To help me make decision trying to gather as much info as poss. Although I don't sufferer badly with pain of gs - I feel so fatigued, and wonder whether this might be because my liver could be affected? Am thinking, blockage and backup of bile? am assuming that keeping gb would affect the health of ones liver, even if I changed lifestyle, as stones would always be there? anyone else going through dilemma of decision, or have any useful advise? Thanks

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Good Afternoon,

Why not take a look at our Gallstones publication; it can be found on our website:

If you have further questions after this please does not hesitate to post on here again or alternatively you could contact our free Helpline on 0800 652 7330.

Kind regards



Hi there. I was sent for a scan to check my liver in the summer as the liver area was tender and I wasnt well. I have to say it came as a big shock to find out I had gall stones but there they were on the screen, loads of them! Im 39 and fit with 2 children and I thought I wasnt the typical gall stone patient and actually my GP thought the same so was surprised. I am due to have gall bladder out in December and i am expecting key hole surgery, if im honest i havent thought twice about the after effects but when i saw the consultant last week he did make a point of it. Saying that, I havent changed my mind and will go ahead as they plan to do a liver biopsy at the same time to look at the pbc and what stage it is at.

I am not medically trained but i guess there could be a link between gall stones and pbc. I know that recently I havent been feeling well and I suppose I am hopeful that this op will turn things around for me. I have asked for op to be brought forward as I have waited long enough as it is. What i would add to all of this is that i have fatigue like you and continue to do so, some days I feel like falling into unconsciousness its not your average needing 40 winks today but more like 4000!

I am not sure i have given you all the answers but some of what I have said might help.




Thank you so much for this.. Its is really helpful. i wish my gp was as on the ball, she hasn't mentioned pbc. and to be honest i hadnt even heard of it and upon doing some research I will definately going to be talking to her about it on my next appointment.


Hi I delayed my op for gb removal and had Quite a torrid time with the pain and not being able to eat normal meals it ended up with me being rushed into hospital with a blockage, with Jaundice if your Consultant as advised the operation then please take it they are the ones who perform the operations day in out, you cannot dodge the issue ,I look back now and think of myself as being foolish, I am now going along fine you will be in safe hands I am 76yrs young


I am not a doctor and I wont promise you results but ever tried to gallstone diet? where you basically take apple juice for 4 days then few other things and supposedly passes a load of gallstones. am not sayin its a fix but i have heard many people do this instead but i aint tried it so dont wanna promis you anything. good luck


I do not wish to upset anyone, but I tried the epom salts &olive oil one which I found online yes they do get rid of a lot of gung out of your system but gall/stones Im afraid not ,keep your money in pocket and get rid of the stones the only way I know is with the skilled surgeons all the best


i have had gallbladder removed 2 years ago and my husband last year i have to say was the best thing i did no pain eat what you like healthy and have had no probs since as such , husband has fatty liver but i guess thats not good living over the years .its your decision but go with op its a bit like tonsils you can live normally without it good luck x


hi both my husband and i have had gall bladder removal and had no problems at all you can live without it its much better than the pain you will enconter when they start to play up honestly its excrutiating and and e so many times for morphine have removed if poss good luck xx


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