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Advanced liver fibrosis

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Is anyone having advanced liver fibrosis?

I am wondering is this compare as early stage of cirrhosis and have very similiar symphtoms as cirrhosis?

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Fibrosis is scarring of the Liver and is measured as F1, F2,F3,F4. F4 is known as Cirrhosis.

F1 and F2 are not considered progressive if you remove the cause it can heal over time.

F3 and F4 are usually considered progressive but can be slowed down if the cause is removed and will likely have some symptoms.

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Bazinga89 in reply to Smegmer

Thanks. I didn't get my score from liver biopsy but they said is severe bridging fibrosis...

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MINTVCX in reply to Bazinga89

I think you wrote somewhere here that you have possible AiH. Was this confirmed? If yes, have you been ordered any treatment?About staging fibrosis I think usually Metavir (F0-F4) or Ishak (F0-F6) scale is used. Maybe try to ask your doctor or person who described biopsy?

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Bazinga89 in reply to MINTVCX

Biopsybsaid no evidence of autoimmune hepatitis but some of test are positive of that. My liver enzymes are normal no so they just gave me spironolactone and thiamine.I have my biopsy result but there is no scale there and my doctos said out of 10 my case is 8 and its severe fibrosis.

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MINTVCX in reply to Bazinga89

I see, liver diagnosis is pretty challenging in some cases. Stay positive and follow your doctors' recommendations. Good luck.

I am no expert but to me advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis are the same thing!It's just a polite way of saying it!

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Bazinga89 in reply to Roy1955

I think same but my biopsy says no cirrhosis but severe fibrosis.

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sophiaS1980 in reply to Roy1955

fibrosis isn't the same as cirrhosis

I know but lots of reserches says that severe fibrosis can be accepted as a early stages of cirrhosis...

I understand, but saying that can confuse people with fibrosis. there is always chance to turn things around with fibrosis.

I didnt mean confuse anyone. I just asked a question becouse im not sure as well and i was wondering if anyone had same expierence 😑

I am sorry, my response should have been to Roxy 1955 that told you advanced fibrosis is the same as cirrhosis but a polite way of saying it. I did respond to Roxy but end up responding to you. Fibrosis isn't the same, just remove the cause, and you should see some improvement.

No problem, I removed all the causes and I dont see any improvment and for few days i have huge bleeding from nose and spider like veins on my body 🥵

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Fibro2021 in reply to Bazinga89

Here is an interesting article about the possibility of reversibility of cirrhosis and bridging fibrosis.

There are many cases in fibrosis/cirrhosis reversal. Me personally know people with f3 to f4 reversed to f2 (if we can rely on fibroscan accuracy ). So you have realistic chance to reverse it or at least stop the progression of fibrosis . There is a proverb: "Heal the mind and the body will follow". so keep your head up and live your life.

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Hi Bazinga89 - was this nose bleed recent? If you have are still experiencing a nose bleed then please seek medical attention. If it has stopped and you experience another bleed then you must seek medical attention. Sometimes when your liver is damaged your clotting can be affected which can lead to bleeding which is difficult to stop without medical intervention.Trust10.

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Bazinga89 in reply to Trust10

Thanks for response. I had nise bleeding around 3 weeks ago and yesterday I have it again. Its not huge but its stops and starts all over.

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Hi Bazinga89, I would suggest that if you are bleeding and it is stopping and starting, then I would strongly suggest you mention it to your specialist - you could do that by contacting their secretary by phone/email. If it worsens, I would strongly suggest NHS111 or A+E. Take care,Trust10.

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Bazinga89 in reply to Trust10

Thanks, I already called secretary of my consultant.

Hi I had a liver biopsy in March and it came back advanced fibrosis/ early cirrhosis ( f4) I lost 70 lbs since and it’s now f0/f1 . So there’s hope, it can get better . Good luck to you !

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Bazinga89 in reply to Dplat

Thanks and I'm happy for you :) I dont need to lose weight but year ago i had 70kg but now im 50, damage was from alcohol and very bad diet... mine didn't have score but there was severe fibrosis woth very severe damage. As I asked my consultant he said out of 10 mine liver is 8. So it could be early stage.

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Dplat in reply to Bazinga89

Thank you! I wish you lots of luck , I’m sure it will get better if you do all the right things 👍

Wow. That's an incredible turnaround. The body can do wondrous things when you give it a fighting chance. Congratulations.

Thanks so much !

Are your platelets low? Could be contributing to the nosebleeds. Might be something to ask your doctor about.

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Bazinga89 in reply to muffins7

Yup they are low as my haematocrit

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