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Diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver

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I was diagnosed yesterday with Cirrhosis of the Liver, this came as shock to me. What can I expect with this condition please, I am not a spring chicken as I am almost 70 years of age. Any information will be useful.

10 Replies

Hi Mick and welcome,

Its very important to spend time with your consultant understanding what has caused the cirrhosis and also what stage it is.

Here is our general info on Cirrhosis of the liver;


We also have a nurse led helpline at the Trust you are welcome to call if you live in the UK. We also have virtual online support groups that are very supportive.



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Hi Mick

If you're comfortable sharing more information about your diagnosis (how and why if you're up to it) then other members will be able to offer more meaningful support.

It's certainly worth knowing that not all cirrhosis is made equal. Absolutely not. For many people, removing or managing the cause of the liver damage can lead to a relatively normal life. In fact doing the right things now may actually lead to some healing of your liver... Of course this is all guess work but do be reassured it happens. Patients with few symptoms or complications are referred to as having compensated cirrhosis - this is when the liver continues to do all of it's most important jobs. Keeping your liver like this is the aim.

So now is the time to learn as much as you can about your type of liver disease and what constitutes a liver friendly lifestyle. So you are already in a great place to start that education. Check out the link Trust1 posted then feel free to ask further questions.

Best for now


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What a supportive reply, thank you Chris.

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Mick1414 in reply to chrisw740

Many thanks for your supportive and information Chris. I shall do what is possible and find out from the consultant as he never said what stage I am at. Thanks again.

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CHRISR999 in reply to Mick1414

Hi mick. Can I ask do you have any symptoms? What is the cause of the cirrhosis. Mine was alcohol. Have you had a fibroscan at all?

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Mick1414 in reply to CHRISR999

Hi Chris First of I do not drink so is not drink related. Mine was found when I had a scan for my Crohn’s Disease it was flashed up then, but it took 3 years of asking that I was then sent for a fibroscan which confirmed and I saw the consultant the other day. I was not told what stage I was at and never knew about the stages til I read about it and saw it on here. I have been told to lose weight, watch my diet and diabetes.

Hi Mick. In my opinion the best source of clear information is the British Liver Trust website. I wish I'd known about it sooner than I did to be honest. Psychologically I know the diagnosis whether as an outpatient or inpatient can come as a huge shock which is why in my opinion educating oneself is very important.

There's loads of terminology that can be confusing such as compensated and decompensated and words I think most people wouldn't use in everyday conversation! There's a glossary on the British Liver Trust website which is helpful. See the link below.

You can live with cirrhosis depending on lots of factors and lifestyle changes. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in September 2018. Life hasn't been easy since then but the diagnosis wasn't the death sentence (sorry - can't think of another way of putting it) I assumed - far from it.



My husband has stage 4 cirrhosis and he started out with itching episodes

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My GGT is 119 and I have very mild fatty liver, as many gastro docs have told me, it can be a very “non specific” marker

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I was diagnosed with primary biliary cholangitis that led to cirrhosis six years ago. I also just got diagnosed with either non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NASH (still not sure which!) Six years ago I started taking Urso and my blood work returned to normal and has stayed that way ever since. My extreme fatigue vanished. My palms and eyes were yellowish...immediately they went back to normal too. I don't have any systems at all and haven't for years, knock on wood! I really watch what I eat and get lots of exercise. Good luck!

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