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I was diagnosed last year I don’t drink, don’t smoke and to get moderate exercise

The last blood test when from moderate to severe I told the GP I wanted them done more regularly than the NHS recommend and I am glad I have .

Next step is scan on the 20th sept - what can I expect them to see ? Is it still just a case of wait and see what happens .

I do however need to loose weight. Easier said than done I am counting calories now but exercise although I love it is hard still I had a knee replacement in April :(

I also am suffering fatigue.

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Hi Tiaday. It is essential to carry out the physiotherapy set when you had your knee replacement and by now it should be working almost normally. A friend had hers done in May and is back to walking 5 miles per day with her dog. I'm sure you will have been advised all joints, especially after surgery, will seize up if they are not used. The same as muscles, if they aren't used, they will weaken dramatically particularly with a liver problem. So yes to keep your body working as you would like it to, you must look after it ... motivation, healthy foods, plenty of fresh air and exercise which will boost your energy but also take a rest when you need it. It's a beautiful day so why not get started now ? 🌞 You will find as the weight comes off, you will become more and more mobile, having taken that extra pressure off those joints so be able to enjoy exercise in the way you used to. Your liver will thank you for it too.All the best.


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Tiaday in reply to laura53923

Hi Laura Thank you for reply my knee is getting there the main issues are the hamstring and calf muscles I am back in the gym and exercises in the pool. They tell me I can take up to a year !

I can’t wait until my liver scan so they can tell me exactly what the issue is.

My brother was an alcoholic and passed away three years ago and unfortunately my mother is now going the same way :(

Andree x

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laura53923 in reply to Tiaday

Oh well done. Your post sounded like you were feeling defeated so delighted to see you are on the right path. So sorry about your Brother and what a shame your Mother has turned to the very same poison which killed him, maybe in the belief it will help her cope with the loss?

All the best with your scan and hope you can maybe help your Mum?

Keep us posted please

Laura x

Hi tiaday.

I was diagnosed with severe NAFLD, which was borderline cirrhosis in January. It was a shock and I had to make some massive life style choices else I could have ended up in big trouble. I lost 2 and a half stone by June and my severe NAFLD is now mild.

Unfortunately dieting alone didn't do anything and I had to do at least 30 mins intense exercise every other day such as spin and running. This helped to move it quickly. My consultant said walking alone won't do enough so you may need to up your exercise but easier said than done when you've had a knee op!

The diagnosis was a massive wake up call for me and NAFLD is not treated as urgent enough in my eyes.

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Tiaday in reply to Jaygee87

Oh my goodness - I guess once they do the scan on the 20th they can tell me more :( a shock to me too . Well done on weight loss - I am counting calories and burning more than I consume so I hope this will help ! I can’t cycle at the moment my knee will only bend to 90 degrees :( needs to be 110 so working on that too :( x

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laura53923 in reply to Tiaday

Can you power walk with 1 to 3LB weights in your hands while your knee continues to heel? That burns as many calories as jogging.

I am same as you not a drinker/smoker & fit from exercise Diagnosed after a bowel cancer op no knowledge of cirrhosis prior & no diagnosis what caused it. If you find out what caused yours would be interested to know, best wishes Jimmy

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Tiaday in reply to JimmyJackson

Sorry to read this Jimmy - I hope I eventually get to see someone other than the GP don’t get me wrong they are great but know a little about lots of things. I will update once I know more . Good luck yourself - how is your liver doing now ? Andree

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Here is our information on NAFLD;

NAFLD can have different stages so you are quite right to want to find out more.

NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) have devised guidelines with the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) that state people diagnosed with NAFLD should have further testing to assess for their risk of fibrosis- stiffening or scarring in the liver.

The specific blood tests are Fib-4 score blood test or an Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) blood test. A specific scan called a FibroScan also estimates fibrosis.

You may want to discuss this with your own GP who will be able to look up the NICE guidance.

If you do have some weight to lose, then you could also ask your GP for a referral to a hospital registered dietitian for more support and guidance.

If you are in the UK, our nurse helpline is open Mon to Fri 10am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330 for further discussion.

Best wishes.

Hi Tisday hope you are feeling well at the moment? I was diagnosed with NAFLD in 2015 and it was serious, the words of the Consultant Gastroenterologist, he repeated that 5 times worrying me a little. Eventually I was placed on the transplant list and 11 months later received the gift of life in a successful operation. I did deteriorate very rapidly after 5 months and was having ascitic drains weekly running the risk of life threatening infection so I was pleased on the super urgent list. At the time of the transplant I only had a few days to left. At no point did I feel really ill, just very uncomfortable but I'll I was, big time. Told to sort my affairs out and started with after life care (gold standard framework) was a worry.The reason for this doom and gloom post is to show that whatever happens good, positive things happen. I was treated at St James Hospital in Leeds and they were fantastic, simply superb and still are. Whatever happens in your case Stay positive and listen to the professionals have to say, they really know their stuff. Good luck, keep smiling and stay safe

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Tiaday in reply to Stizzer

Wow 😯 it’s a real worry and concern I glad you have a new lease of life -the real worrying thing about this is you can go a long time without it even being detected - fingers crossed for my scan and we can really see what is going on. In the meantime I am trying to loose weight and training in the gym

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