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Re, ultrasound scan tomorrow, Again.

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Good evening all,I have a scan again tomorrow to rule out possible liver cancer,although last October I was told not to worry,just can't make sense why I have to go again when all seems OK,bloods,general health,still out walking loads,and a good diet,no wine or beer,although whilst away with my daughters they was told to watch out for me drinking,at least we had a good laugh about her anxieties,not mine,also had a child + Pugh score of A 5, I will admit to 1 point acites,but confused because I don't have it but still scored 1 point,all my bloods normal,any ideas,as the letter says 1-5 years if abstaining from alcohol,Hope everyone is OK,.might need a good session sleep drinking,not the real thing.sorry for blabbing on.

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Good luck tomorrow hope you get good news and things have not taken a down turn.Let us know how you get on

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Charloy in reply to Falco1

Will keep ya posted,thanks for reply,

Don't knock it .... be thankful you are being offered follow up checks/scan. Many folk here would be worried if they felt nothing seemed to be being done. So all the best tomorrow and hope the scan proves to be reassuring. Laura

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Charloy in reply to laura53923

Hi,thanks for reply,just seems I have rattled a few doors with what I went through last year, I am just hoping for either the same result or a slight improvement,I might be just worried inside,but can't seem to see that 0.01 of a potassium out of range could warrant another scan to rule out (C) hate the word.!!!! ,will keep ya posted,

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laura53923 in reply to Charloy

Yes please do. Fingers crossed for improvement.

Those bloody doctors who don't know anything caring about you, damn them! That wasn't a slight at you by the way, and good luck tomorrow, I'm sure everything will be fine :) Let us know


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Charloy in reply to DM-001

Will do, thanks for reply

Good luck for tomorrow, xx

Good luck for tomorrow hopefully you will get a good outcome xx

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Charloy in reply to Tia2021

Hi,thanks for reply how are you going on,I've been quite busy,trying to enjoy most of the daylight hours,not had many weird sleep drinking episodes, will keep you posted, saw consultant early this month and said I should have been taken off carvedilol back In June, so glad I stopped them !!!.doctors HIC hup,keep well,

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Tia2021 in reply to Charloy

Not too bad, would like the joys of sleep but hey ho, hope all went well, Take care xx

is ultrasound good for liver does it find out everything

Hey Chorley,

As you've been diagnosed with cirrhosis your Drs are following the NICE guidelines in terms checking your liver for cancer. Cirrhosis patients should have ultrasound surveillance at 6‑month intervals which helps to ensure that it is detected early. It's is of course very unlikely anything will ever develop but it is a great protocol. This regular scan should happen even if your bloods are normal.

In terms of your other question, if your ascites result is “none,” that measure would be scored with 1 point on the child pugh scoring system which is why you have that on your report /letter.

Best of luck

If you have a diagnosis of cirrhosis then the minimum required level of monitoring is 6 monthly bloods (including AFP - Alpha Fetoprotein) plus a 6 monthly ultrasound scan (stipulated in NICE guidelines for HCC monitoring and detection).

This is absolutely routine so that they can pick up any changes early and timeously to treat anything if it pops up. It doesn't mean it's inevitable that you will get changes just makes sure anything that does happen gets treated quickly.

My hubby had his 6 monthly ultrasound last Thursday - his last one in January showed up some new lesions which required a follow up MRI scan. Thankfully the lesions just turned out to be some denser areas of cirrhotic tissue that couldn't be 100% identifed as safe on ultrasound. Scan also found he had gallstones lodged in his bile duct and without those being identified and dealt with quickly he could have been in bother.

As well as looking at the liver for signs of liver cancer the scan looks for signs of change in other abdominal organs, portal veinous flow and checks for presence of ascites so a very worth while scan.


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Charloy in reply to AyrshireK

Thanks its just all very scary again,got threw the bowel one,so keeping fighting.all went OK today will keep you all posted of any news.

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Hi Charloy, I totally understand that being forced to think about your liver disease (by way of going for a scan) is stressful - no wonder you are feeling anxious. To echo the others, this is merely NICE guidance for monitoring. I hope you get on ok, Take care, Trust10.

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Charloy in reply to Trust10

Thanks but I was reassured last Oct it wasn't,all went fine today,will keep you posted of news.

You will have repeat scans every 6 months, that's normal !

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Charloy in reply to Roy1955

Hi,glad I posted on here again,after checking my appointments my actual last ultra sound was July 2020, fibro scan,October,so after this one I should be due another prob jan- Feb, loose track,thanks

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Roy1955 in reply to Charloy

Only ultrasound. (and blood tests) They don't repeat the fibroscans.

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