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Fibroscan grey area

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Can anybody explain what people mean when they say a score of 6.2, for instance like mine was, is a grey area?

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I have no idea because between 2 and 7 is normal assuming all other tests and scans are normal. 75 is the highest.

I would not call 6.2 a grey area. Id call it normal.

Here's the fibroscan score chart showing cut off values for a number of conditions - 6.2 is (at very worst just into F1).

Fibroscan score chart.
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Worrysome in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you Katy. X

what is best test for liver

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AyrshireK in reply to Done786

There is no one test that determine liver issues. Often diagnosis is based on a combination of tests often starting with bloods then going up to scans and even liver biopsy if cause of any liver issue is unsure.

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Done786 in reply to AyrshireK

i had ct scan i been having symptoms for 2 years

Mine was 6.5 and the consultant said normal and nothing to worry about. He said he doesn’t normally get concerned unless it’s approaching 9.0

He said at 6.5 there will be no significant fibrosis or damage.

Needless to say the whole experience scared the heck out i I f me and I’ve not drank alcohol for over 6 months now and don’t intend to again. In fact I feel so good not drinking it I wonder why I did in the past!

Can’t say I feel the same, 8 months for me but I have terrible brain fog today.

Quite a few years back I had a fibroscan at one of the British Liver trust roadshows and mine was 7.2. I had a chat with one of the consultants and she didn't look alarmed and said have a chat with your GP, which I did. He'd never heard of a fibroscan ! I'm going back a few years now. That was after 20 years of drinking. It's almost certainly worse now I suspect. In short, Worrysome I wouldn't worry about your your score of 6.2 . Keep it at that level is my advice 😀

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Worrysome in reply to briccolone

Hope you don’t mind me asking but on another post you said you have mild symptoms, what are they? I don’t know whether mine can be classed as mild or not.

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briccolone in reply to Worrysome

yes not at all-mainly digestive-I decided to stop drinking in October 2019(not doctors orders) -started getting brain fog about 3 months later -digestive system all over the place -mild brain fog that would come and go. Various bloods taken-high cholesterol and GGT-all else ok. Then the pandemic kicked in and all and my woes were as nothing as compared to everything else so decided just to carry on . I rarely drink now-and most things seem ok ...sleep- it's a bit hit & miss-digestive system mostly ok -tendency to pale stools on occasion. My gut feeling (scuse the pun) is enlarged liver-I'll get it checked out in the Autumn.

I have symptoms that are not going away and I have lived healthily for 8 months now totally alcohol free, I just can’t help but doubt the tests.

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laura53923 in reply to Worrysome

Are you still constipated? Might be worth having an exploratory of your bowel. You may have diverticulitis which brings with it bouts of brain fog which you also say you have?

Symptoms not improving at all. Thanks for reply. I’m due to have colonoscopy.

Thanks for replying. I would gladly get on with my life but my vision is weird. It’s like brain fog. I smell strange, have funny taste in my mouth, my hair is changing texture. On the other hand I’m not really lacking in energy, I don’t know about tests because people on here sometimes have had negative results with all the tests that I have had but still had cirrhosis. One telltale sign to me is that my cholesterol has shot up from 5.? to 7.9 in 6 months. I have been eating salads etc and not drinking any alcohol, it should have come down not up.

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briccolone in reply to Worrysome

how about the good cholesterol-that's the important bit-it's the ration ldl to hdl. When I stopped drinking my good cholesterol came up sharply-mine's about 6.7 now

They didn’t say good cholesterol. It’s all very strange. Thanks for replying.

Mine was 5.7 and my hepatologist told me that was F1.

Maybe what they mean is, it’s time to change the end outcome that could happen if there is no lifestyle change

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