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Worried about liver test results

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Hello, I've just had some routine blood tests and the results show that my AST is 37 and ALT is 52. I am really worried. GP says he will retest in two months and advised that I cut down on drinking. He doesn't seem concerned at all but I can't help but worry. I am very healthy: good diet and exercise regularly. My alcohol intake has increased a bit in lockdown but I wouldn't say I drink excessively. Could this be a blip?

11 Replies


There can be many reasons why liver enzymes can fluctuate. It is standard practice to re-test and then if they remain elevated, you may be sent for an ultrasound scan to obtain more information about your liver.

Here is a link to our 'liver tests explained publication'


If you have been drinking more alcohol during lockdown, it would be a good idea to be mindful and reduce to within the Department of Health's guidance of no more than 14 units spread over a week with at least 2-3 consecutive days off alcohol.

Keep us posted how you get on :)

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I don't see many replies to your post because elevations are tiny but Please don't brush it off.

Insist on ultrasound. Please check your gallbladder. Because your AST is not higher than ALT as far as I am aware it is not alcohol. I had slight elevations when my gallbladder was acting up before gallbladder removal. And now I have problems with my liver.

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It may be a blip due to increased alcohol as I think mine was. I think cutting out the alcohol for four months, sorted me out and back to normal. Good luck 👍

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Hi, I’m not a drinker but for many months my alt and ast were up and down nearly a year and a half later after blood tests every month or two I was sent to have a biopsy done. It showed I have minimal fibrosis. Don’t get yourself worried please but do insist for them to check again and if after the 3rd time it’s still high id advise for you to ask them to refer you. I waited for too long I was literally let down by the system. Also just to make you aware my blood tests were slightly elevated like yours too, and my ast wouldn’t always be elevated but my ALT would, the highest it’s gone up was 104 which is still consider mild elevation. I think the numbers really don’t matter. xx

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Stargirl78 in reply to DeeDeeRose

Thank you. Are your figures ok now?

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DeeDeeRose in reply to Stargirl78

Nope over two years now and still slightly elevated x

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Stargirl78 in reply to DeeDeeRose

And what do your doctors say? Are they concerned?

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No offense, but if you feel fine now there is no need to stress. High enzymes are an indicator to investigate but yours are not very high, some would dismiss that as a blip, others as a lab error, or in some cases numbers like that are more serious. But these numbers are not worth panic, they are worth investigating- seriously you should it’ll help you sleep better and know the answers- but not worth stress at this moment

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Stargirl78 in reply to Jay986

Thank you. The plan is to retest in Sept and then have a scan if still elevated. Difficult not to worry. Just keep thinking that something more sinister is wrong 😒

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Thebarns in reply to Stargirl78

My first ast level was 179 then 154 now it’s 114 and doctor isn’t worried.

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They can't be out by much surely? According to my lab's ranges your results would both be called normal. A retest in 2 months is absolutely the right course of action, try not to worry. Just make sure you follow the lifestyle advice given by your doc.

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