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Cirrhosis or secondary liver cancer?

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Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of secondary cancer in the liver being initially diagnosed as cirrhosis?

Please bear with me for a long rambling post which may appear to be off-topic.

In May 2019 I was diagnosed with “probable cirrhosis as a result of NAFLD” – diagnosis was made on the evidence of blood tests and ultrasound scans – I’ve never had a biopsy or fibroscan.

In August 2019 suspicious lesions were found in both lungs, in November 2019 I had part of right lung containing 2 tumours removed – they were found to be malignant adenocarcinomas. Had follow-up 4 cycles of chemotherapy.

In January 2021 I was taken into local A&E with severe lower right abdominal pain, CT scan showed appendix okay but suspected severe diverticulitis.

In March 2021 I was astounded to see a new entry on my medical records on my GP’s online system – it was a note of a meeting of the lung cancer multi-disciplinary team at the hospital, they had reviewed the January CT scan and commented “Grossly abnormal liver likely to be metastatic infiltration although regenerating nodules is a differential (although less likely). Plan - MRI scan to be done now”.

I had an MRI scan last week and am now (very) anxiously awaiting the results.

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Best wishes, waiting for results is always difficult. I hope that you get the best possible outcome.

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IanM1957 in reply to TT-2018

Thank you

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laura53923 in reply to IanM1957

All the best Ian. Xx

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IanM1957 in reply to laura53923

Thank you Laura

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