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What an insult to anybody PT .... disgrace they should be ashamed.....

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Completely agree. 😡

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DM-001 in reply to laura53923

I don’t watch it, what have they shown?

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laura53923 in reply to DM-001

Well long story but they've missed out vital facts...They never told Peter he would have to abstain from drinking for at least 6 months before he could even be assessed to go on the list. Nothing shown of how the assessment is carried out.

Just put on the list, 2 eps later a liver becomes available only they have now merged the storyline of his son being coerced into drug dealing and Peter gets beaten up while leaving hospital having been told the donor liver wasn't viable. So yet again the producers have chickened out of what should have been either the factual process of a liver transplant or the death of him.

It looks as though he will now be killed off by a blow to the head instead ! 😡

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joeburger in reply to laura53923

Naah he'll amazingly get another call, all will go well and in the next week or so he'll be moving furniture into the flat above the taxi office. Oh to be in soapland or lalaland. I was thinking where were all the frailty tests, lung tests, dietician appointments, random blood tests etc.

Corrie have got this all wrong.

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laura53923 in reply to joeburger

They certainly have .... fire the researchers !!

Been shouting at the telly for weeks, shouldn't have been eligible for assessment till 6 months sober, assessment is far more then sitting in a room having a chat(I had 3 days as an inpatient), looked as it was at local hospital not one of the 6 transplant centres. Did redeem themselves a bit last night showing the wait at the hospital once he had the call.Extenders was the same when Phil had his transplant, he was out of hospital 2 days later and disappeared abroad for months, and it's never mentioned again, no mention of all the drugs he would have to take, hospital check ups.

And why does it always have to be alcohol that causes liver disease!!!

Rant over

I guess it's because it's the reason for the disease that can be avoided.... like smoking causes lung cancer but there are other causes. But it's the causes which are self inflicted for want of a better phrase which are highlighted and need to be discouraged. Unfortunately the alcohol issue is still not being addressed in the same way smoking has been, still they are just skirting around the problem. I can totally agree with what you are saying though.

Obesity is fast becoming leading cause of liver disease but nobody knows about it

So true. Only since the pandemic has something started being said about it

Totally agree they have not done research that is true to life

Yep. Whenever they do a "raise awareness" story line, the characters are on this morning saying how they have to speak to people who have actually been through what they are depicting and how thorough the researchers have to be to get it absolutely right. Then there are the warnings of upsetting scenes as the show starts and phone numbers at the end for anyone affected. But not for this story. This should have been a massive warning against the misuse of alcohol and the effect it has on everyone concerned and the outcome. Over 3500 more than usual people have died from alcoholic liver disease this year due to increased consumption during the pandemic... the government decided it was an essential commodity during lockdowns .... essential to who exactly? Oh yes .. the government coffers !

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Familyof in reply to laura53923

Every word is so true. Watching my brother deteriorate(alcohol related liver disease) and the bizarre things liver disease does is difficult. We are constantly peddled ‘artisanal gins’ and every scene in soap land shows someone with a glass of wine. I think it is a ticking time bomb abs the cases will rocket. 😩

Not forgetting the amorous scenes between Peter and Carla just before the transplant call 🤣🤣🤣🤣, clearly lacked any research.

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AyrshireK in reply to TT-2018

Yep, can't even get any interest from hubby let alone any action.

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laura53923 in reply to TT-2018

Haha ain't that the truth? And a yellow d*** isn't attractive!!!

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Whitethorn in reply to TT-2018


Did I read in a 'spoiler' that he was having a bit of bedroom activity with the lovely Carla in the run up to getting his call? Good effort that man with such advanced liver damage. Should have shown the realities of that and it might have hit a chord with some as to one of the lesser spoken about effects of liver disease.

Once again the makers of a programme with massive audiences fails to use the storyline to educate and only again highlights the alcohol related liver disease stereotype. Ok it's for entertainment and education isn't their goal but it could be used as such and it is a powerful tool with so many people watching.

Sadly, the false portrayal of transplant assessment processes and the absolute commitment those with alcohol related liver disease must demonstrate before they are even considered for transplant can negatively affect transplant donor uptake - the 'George Best' effect if you like. It's amazing how many people under the old donor register system said they were willing to give all their organs apart from their liver because of the misconceptions around liver disease.

It's time that these 'researchers' actually researched properly and put on screen some accurate information about t/p. 'Eastenders', 'Corrie' and even the Scottish soap 'River City' have all done a liver transplant storyline and all have done a hash job of it & every time 'Casualty' has a liver emergency admission it's nearly always been alcohol related - though I do remember one Wilson's Disease portrayal.


The amount of transplants in soapland should mean the cast will live for ever.

Carla and Tracey in corrie both had kidney and NO mention of aftercare ever!

Not even brought up the kidney transplants when ones married to the person listed and the other ones his sister (sort of).

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SteelOwl in reply to Roy1955

What do you expect from the current writers of all 3 of the biggest soaps? Where was he supposed to be for his transplant that didn't happen anyway... There's 7 NHS Liver Transplant Units in the UK and his nearest one would be located at St James University Hospital in Leeds. What a surprise that the writers have been lazy as usual and just concocted a Liver Unit in either Manchester, Salford or Weatherfield or wherever its 'meant' to be...

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laura53923 in reply to Roy1955

Carla was straight back on the red wine after her transplant... we were all hoping for a third time lucky factual portrayal but nope ... they've cocked it up again, another wasted opportunity. So whose going to be writing to complain?

What’s the best way to go about complaining?

Phone 03448814150 in the 1st instance or google itv contact details for email address.

What’s the best way of raising their awareness of how truly terrible this is?

Give me a ring l'll tell them !!!

Highlight the faults in their writing, their research is flawed. Should have spoken to ICU, transplant co ordinaters and surgeons and carried out a transplant correctly and convincingly after the battle of getting to that point was shown.They will use the pandemic and lockdown as an excuse for not being able to speak to hospital staff etc, but they have dragged the storyline out for so long, another year down the line to gather correct information before filming, would have made a much bigger impact.

They could have contacted BLT and transplantees on the forum who could have discussed the emotional side, worries and fears prior to transplant and the emotions after receiving the donated organ.

Sounds good……have you complained to them before?

Are others here also up for raising awareness and highlighting issues too?

Will also attach this link to Coronation Streets Twitter account, as it appears VIEWERS need to be aware of misinformation and miseducation of severe chronic disease.

Yes l have on several occasions over the past years. Mainly about how alcohol is glamourised on tv and over used in soaps etc etc. With the amount the characters are continually knocking back they should all have cirrhosis and receiving councelling! Its always the "go to " after a tough day on the cobbles, always a bottle of red on a table ( close up on the label .. product placement !) ready for a neighbour to unburden themselves from the trials of the day with a " here lets open this and cheer ourselves up." Good idea to attach the link.

They also missed the turmoil the family goes through living with an alcoholic, Peter's HE was nowhere near as bad as these episodes actually are. Where were the hallucinations? The inability to negotiate stairs. The list is endless. They could almost have done a spin off at 9pm when kids are in bed and the parents sit down to watch cracking open their 1st bottle of white or those shiny tins of cider for the evening, if they thought it would be too hard a watch at 7.30. TV soaps apparently are proud of their hardhitting story lines to "raise awareness" ... male suicide, Oliver's story and many more, but this one has fallen way short of the mark.

Totally agree my husband had HE and was sedated for 4 days, he has Nash cirrhosis for 4 yrs the last 18 mons have been really poorly and cancer now found, he is off to royal free next week for a 2 day assessment just to hopefully get on a list, watching Corrie has made us so angry shame on them

Gees l bet it has! So sorry to hear that. I wish you every success with the assessment and getting on the list xx


Hi All - one word Disgusted!! I thought Corrie would get Peter's story right as their reserachers did discuss this with the British Liver Trust - here is an extract posted by the BLT on 28th December 2020

'The British Liver Trust, supported by the liver team at the Royal Free Hospital in London, worked closely with Coronation Street to ensure the storyline is as medically accurate as possible and best reflects the real-life experience of patients'

Guess the script writers ignored the program's reserachers advice. And as for Carla and Peter getting together the night before he got the call, the night I got my TP call I had tried to make steamed rice and could not remember the quantity of rice to water to use!

Really upset by Corrie, used to be my favourite soap


Thats shocking x

Please note this is a global chat site. We don't know what you are talking about or which specific episode uou are talking about. . Please be kind and in future put some details of the story up instead of empty phrase.

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AyrshireK in reply to kiwivivr

Without sounding territorial this is actually a British based site and although there are members from around the globe this particular chat obviously relates to a British TV soap storyline which is currently being broadcast here and might not have global coverage so the relevance of the discussion to those in other countries may not apply as much as it does to the UK members of this site.

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kiwivivr in reply to AyrshireK

Am aware this is British based, but the programme ( Coronation Street).also goes around the world) so thought it might be helpful for others in other countries if the episode was identified. However, feeling bullied now, basically feel I have been told to shut up and but out, so I will.

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laura53923 in reply to kiwivivr

We have no control over when episodes of TV shows are screened in other parts if the world, sometimes they are aired months or even years later in other Countries. The conversation we are having here relates to an on going storyline which really got underway around six months ago regarding Peter Barlow's alcohol abuse and came to a bit of a head on Friday 30th April. We are merely discussing the errors in the writing of the script having been through the reality of living with liver disease. I am sure in time you will get to see the episodes.

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Mama41 in reply to kiwivivr

This is actually a British website. In the time it took you to type that you could have googled it and got the full story.

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kiwivivr in reply to Mama41

Sorry I will leave this group. Not quite as supportive as I was expecting..

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Jensam1028 in reply to kiwivivr

Don’t leave the group. I think it’s quite rude for people to specify that this is a British website, but some of the others are polite and informative.

This is a British based website and all Nationalities from all over the globe are welcome and supported in exactly the same way.

Like I said, this group can be informative, but I can’t imagine someone voicing an unpopular opinion on Inspire, and the folks in the group use as a comeback, “this is an American Website”. I feel there’s a certain undertone to that statement. People shouldn’t feel bullied and feel like they should leave a group because opinions clash.

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TT-2018 in reply to Jensam1028

The cultural differences are relevant, as the BLT’s advice is centred around the treatment that is given by the NHS.

The NHS is the largest and most standardised health care provider in the world. So it’s important to distinguish between the different treatments and patient care that we receive.

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Jensam1028 in reply to TT-2018

My comment has nothing to do with treatments and patient care. My comment has to do with the way people are being treated in this group. I think it's quite fine to say, " this is a British show "and to inform about this being a British website, but it's not okay to use it as a weapon. I've been in this group for years and have seen some unnecessary treatment of others. I don't agree or disagree with anyone's opinion on this post per se. I know Coronation St, although I no longer watch it. I am simply stating I don't agree with a person possibly feeling discriminated against because they're from somewhere else.

What were you expecting? This is just people experiencing things going on in their culture. Should they not bond about it because of you?

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I am closing this post to further replies. We have noted noted the feelings expressed about the programme.

Although we are called the British Liver TRust this does not mean that members from other countries don't have something to offer this forum.

We ask that forum members are respectful and supportive to each other - even if you do not agree with what a post says.

Thank you.

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