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Awaiting diagnosis of gallstones but I am struggling with pain and upset stomach. So confused as to what I can and cannot eat 😩

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I couldn’t eat anything! Lost 6 stone. Whatever you do don’t eat anything acidic or with any kind of spice at all. That put me in A&E twice! Only very plain food and drink X

RommieMum in reply to Dogmadpam

Thank you x


Hi Rommie,

Here is our general info on gallstones;

Can you discuss the best diet with your GP whilst you are waiting for diagnosis?

RommieMum in reply to Trust1

Mr GP just referred me to the NHS website!


Hi there I’m in same position For 2 years drink plenty water to keep the bile thin , doctors told me to take buscopan for the pain , avoid greasy and high fat food like cream , pizza , fries , keep fat content low it stops the gallbladder contracting x

RommieMum in reply to Pansy2

Thank you. No pizza??? 😭 I'm vegan, and it feels like my options have thinned greatly x

Pansy2 in reply to RommieMum

Yep no pizza lol , a Mediterranean diet is recommended that’s what I was told , last attack I had wAs from drinking fizzy wAter !!! 🤣x

Fatty & creamy & spicy each triggered mine. But very occasionally I would eat everything I loved & missed in one sitting & had a hot water bottle & tablets ready for the consequences.

I have had them for years. Avoid fat, but a teaspoonful of organic olive oil in apple juice daily keeps it moving. Vegetable soups in the blender will keep you going when it's bad. I have invested in a juicer for when it's bad. I use a homeopathic remedy which always helps. Good luck.

RommieMum in reply to Longtooth6

Thank you. Does blending the food help then? X

RommieMum in reply to WaggyMamma

That is very tempting!!

I'm in this position at the moment. Main thing is to keep it very low fat. I make sure that whatever I eat is under 3g of fat per 100g and that keeps it a bit under control. Have had it for 6 months now :(

Longtooth6 in reply to janesp

Blending makes it liquid and easier to digest. Adding ginger and garlic helps with any infection.

RommieMum in reply to Longtooth6

Thats really interesting. Thank you x

RommieMum in reply to janesp

I will start checking fat contents. Thank you x

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