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Goodbye Laura009


I was so disappointed to hear that Laura was leaving this group. I don't know if some people are becoming mean due to covid, or just get a buzz out of disagreeing with others just for the hell of it, but either way, it’s such a shame when this happens and people become so upset, that they feel they have to leave.

For many years now, Laura has been offering good sound advice. She has always spoken in her direct style with passion and honesty. She has always been an honest, well respected supporter of this forum and has been a good friend to many on here in their hour of need.

I for one will miss my friend.

Good Luck Laura in all you do.

Richard. xx

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Hi Richard, Yes unfortunately Laura has left, very sad indeed, 😥.. I won't be too far behind either.

Thank you for posting.

Don't you dare go. You too have been through so much.

Thank you Richard 😊

Dogbot in reply to Millie09

What is going on we as a group will be worse off by losing you and Laura, is there anything that as a group we can do to help and stop you two from leaving 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Millie09 in reply to Dogbot

Hi dogbot Thank you so much for your kind words.

There was a certain person along with this person's followers whom I may add are still here on forum

Insults via private messages and remarks behind people's backs deeply upset both myself and Laura.

I did not input as much, I usually float in the background and if I can help with anyone going through similar to myself then I will do what I can.

Having been a member here for 5 yrs , its a sad state of affairs that this is happening from a minority.

Maybe Laura will return who knows?

But im taking time away for a while dogbot ,until things settle down

😏.Please stay safe and look after yourself

Linda x

Dogbot in reply to Millie09

I’m afraid there is a certain element called Trolls that are more simple named cowards that do this certain thing it is a shame that it has got to nice people like yourself and Laura. I do hope the two of you have time out and come back to help people that are new like myself to get through one of the most trying times of there life’s, good luck to both of you.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Millie09 in reply to Dogbot

Bless you dogbot

Yes , your so very right .

It is difficult enough anyway, but with lockdown etc..seems to heighten issues more than they normally would

Oh I'm still here dogbot ,but stepping back just for a while

Please stay safe

Linda x

Catlady1972 in reply to Millie09

Shame on them linda, cowardly doing by private messages 😒

Millie09 in reply to Catlady1972

Thank you catlady .

vulnerable in reply to Millie09

That’s sad. I know you’ve been here for years and a great support. I too float in and out and stay mainly in the background but recently I feel able to interact. Please come back when you’ve taken time out and reflect. Stay safe 🙏😇🌈❤️

Millie09 in reply to vulnerable

🌈♥️🤗..thank you vulnerable for your lovely wishes. Stay safe 🙏🏼

HiI didn’t know she had left , that is very sad. She has helped me so much and genuinely cares.

I feel it may be my time to move on also. Soon the only people that will use this forum will be people who post pictures of white eyes/ normal nails because they are suffering from health anxiety or people who have a great need for attention and use their ailment ‘s to get some.

This is getting stupid now, valued members leaving who have been so helpful for many on here 😔why I don't understand, yes there's been some needle but just ignore it, as I'm damm sure your input will be sorely missed that goes for any who add there insightful experiences.

vulnerable in reply to Ashw88

Rise above it 🌈

I wasn’t a fan of hers. Good bye Laura.

Ashw88 in reply to deanw41

You don't have to be, but obviously respectful is not one of your virtues. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all 👍

deanw41 in reply to Ashw88

She was rude to me and I’m entitled to my opinion. I haven’t said anything offensive. And respectful of what?

Ashw88 in reply to deanw41

I don't need to explain fella, it's pretty self explanatory but all the best.

deanw41 in reply to Ashw88

Same to you mate 😊

Poppy234 in reply to deanw41

Rude? That's strange, she was so kind and helpful to me.

deanw41 in reply to Poppy234

I’m sure she is delightful.

Angel46 in reply to deanw41

I think that was uncalled for, there is no need to get personal like that.

deanw41 in reply to Angel46

Thank you for your input.


Hi Richard. How sad. I’ve not been a member for long but looked forward to reading her replies and advice on many questions asked. Wishing her all the best for their future.

Sorry to hear of any members deciding to leave the forum, Laura for one has a huge background of experience and has been a massively valuable member.

I wish we could get back to the supportive forum we've always been rather than some of the niggling that has gone on of late - maybe it's been the tension of lock down but hopefully we can resume some normality soon.


vulnerable in reply to AyrshireK

Yes indeed Katie. I’m shocked to read all of the above posts!!!!!!!

I missed something. I tend to read more than write but I gain so much from each person's input.

I am the same. I joined a short time ago to gain some reassurances and post transplant awareness. How this moved to personal attacks is behind me. Life has been hard on all those with liver disease so we must be kind. X

Flowergirl24 in reply to Roots57

That’s why I joined.

Roots57 in reply to Flowergirl24

❤️Good luck on your journey. I had transplant in November and positivity is vital on my road to recovery. Hopefully you are well too x

Flowergirl24 in reply to Roots57

Thank you, I had my transplant May 2020 and positivity pre & post surgery is such as important part in the survival journey. Naturally there have been some uneasy ones too. The past 2 years have flown by and I still, sometimes, cannot believe I ended up with a liver transplant! My story is I woke up Easter 2019 and my son told me I had turn yellow. Healthy, worked out etc, had no pain, no symptoms. Dr initially thought it was Glandular Fever until blood test came back showing something odd going on with my liver. Bilirubin rising and still a mystery eventually becoming serious. Sadly, over the course of time the side affects of the steroids caused osteoporosis with multiple fractures on my spine (very painful) & severe glaucoma & cataracts. After 2 calls from QEHB I finally had my transplant during the first lockdown. Even after the transplant they were still not quite sure what it was. PBC was mentioned. We finally now know that it was Ductopenic Hepatic Sarcodosis.

Once transplanted, what an enormous change in energy & feeling no longer ill. Post op the wheel chair has gone, cataract op on my left eye (right eye still waiting) done. 20-25k steps exercise at my park, 3 inches height gain, 2stone weight gain, strength & muscle mass all returning. Found my old skills of drawing. Can now write again which is helping me mentally & is giving me such joy. And, being able to see my sons faces again is more than words can describe.

Understandably each situation is different but with hope & through grit, determination & help of family friends & the tireless professional specialists in our area of liver disease, the tunnel is long and continuous. Just keep heading towards that light and never give up.

What an amazing story 💕💕

Laura!! ❤️❤️❤️

Right back at ya !! ❤❤❤

Thank you Laura, glad too you’re still here! 🥰

Im so happy for you. Enjoy your new life to the fullest !!!

It's always nice to find a fellow transplantee of the QE. Well done you.

Most definitely! I think of Birmingham as my second home now. Hope you are keeping well and safe.

Roots57 in reply to Flowergirl24

Thank you for this. My story is somewhat the same. I was attending hospital for low platelets and ultrasound did not show cirrhosis. My youngest daughter is a doctor and she told me to request an mri scan which themed showed decompensated liver damage. I had allowed myself to gain weight and become unfit so my 5 adult children met up with me in the park and called themselves Team Máire! I lost 3 stone and continue to lose weight. I was diagnosed in January 2020 and transplanted in Nov of that year. I returned to Belfast from Kings 6 days post operatively and have kept positive and do everything I’m asked. My husband and children were my rocks and I thank God for them. We still go out walking every day. I am so thankful for the gift of life. I worked as a Social Worker but will retire now. I am 63! They have sent liver away to try and establish the cause. I have non alcoholic liver disease and my heart goes out to those who struggle with addiction in addition to the awfulness of liver disease. I had a 25 year old brother who died suddenly a number of years ago and his liver was donated to someone. The irony of this. Thank you for telling me your story as I enjoyed reading this. X

laura53923 in reply to Roots57

So sorry for your loss of your brother but wonderful to save another life. Lovely story 💕

Roots57 in reply to laura53923

Thank You Laura x

Flowergirl24 in reply to Roots57

Hi Máire, thank you for replying and lovely to read your story. So glad you are making good recovery too. Liver disease of any kind is terrible as we know and what irony regarding the loss of your brother but also being able to give life too. Mine too went off for biopsy & it was a relief to finally get the answer. Im hoping to return to work as a graphic designer when I can drive again but I suspect it will be part time as I now have other interests I would like to pursue. Keep walking which is what I do every day for my daily exercise come rain but not snow! Take care, remain safe and keep smiling. X

Thank you for sharing such an amazing journey flower 🌼girl. Wishing you all the very best ❤

Thank you Millie09. I hope sharing can help others 🥰

Absolutely! I'm with the qehb , have been since 2017 .Great to see a fellow patient 🙂

Beautiful enjoyable story of your journey to and from Liver Transplant. We are very special individuals who have had the good fortune to have been given a second chance at life. Our Donors and their families are true heroes as well as our NHS and respective Hepatology Teams .Keep well and stay safe. Love every minute of every new day


vulnerable in reply to Roots57

Totally agree.

Roots57 in reply to vulnerable

Need to support each other x


She's still listed as a member so maybe she hasn't yet left. I don't post much here but get comfort from reading posts & Laura has lots of experience & useful information. Hopefully she'll change her mind x

I'd be sorry to see Laura go too. I haven't been on here long but have found Laura and others really helpful and supportive. This site needs people like Laura who do respond to people's posts. So many of us read more than we share. Laura always offered me good advice and it's nice to know there's kind hearted support here. I don't get involved in drama's and have no idea why she'd leave, but if you read this Laura, please stick around. Some of us value and respect your experience and support. Best wishes, K x

This is so sad. Such a shame people are made to feel like this 😞

Richard, that is so very sad I've had in the past good advice from Laura especially when I was a newby, I hope she reconsiders.

Hayley X

Laura gave good advice and contributed probably more than any of us. If there was a weakness, it was that she didn’t like people second guessing her views(we are all touchy I suppose). But, she should not go...who else can I wind up on a Sunday morning 😭

When I joined this group I found it immensely helpful & supportive during a time in my life when i wasn’t sure if I would live or die.I was lucky enough to have my family & friends to turn to but even they didn’t know exactly how I felt,but members in this forum did & the knowledge that was past on to me from those that REALLY knew was invaluable in getting my mental state to where it needed to be before & after my transplant.

Laura was one of many who helped me and I can’t thank her enough and I do understand why she has felt the need to leave,this group has many lovely knowledgeable members but it’s changed,I read more about members arguing and being rude than I do about liver related issues.

This group has lost many members,some leaving & others who have sadly lost their battle to live so come on everyone let’s try and be civil to each other if nothing else


I hope Laura reconsiders leaving because she has so much advise for people and always willing to reach out and offer support.The forum needs people like Laura 🤗 so if you read this Laura, don't go!!

Never had been on a forum before but but due to my health needing support I turned to this forum and Laura was the first to welcome me which was important and supportive to me..I read forum daily but have not commented for over a year.

Laura is very knowledgable and gave her experience and views in a no nonsense way.

I personally feel some of us on this forum need this approach.

I will not say goodbye as I prefer to feel Laura will stay on forum and share her vast knowledge with others like me😄

Hi Dogbot here I have been very busy just recently and this is the first I have heard that Laura009 was leaving , this will be a sad loss and I hope you Laura will reconsider a lot of people follow you and your very important input to this group 😢. I really hope it’s not down to someone being rude and cruel to you. The wife and I would like to say Please reconsider and keep giving your advice to the people who need all of us .Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Oh that's sad she was really helpful and reassuring to me when I was confused after my diagnosis it's the same on some social media why can't people just agree to disagree I've found this site really informative sad when people are worried and are trying to get head round health issues and find help on here☹️

laura53923 in reply to Ticktoc


Holy shit. This is horrible. I didn't always see eye to eye with her but I was early in my journey and took things for granted. She grounded me. There were times I could have done with just lifting the phone to her .

laura53923 in reply to Xenom0rph


I've only been diagnosed about a year and I'm sure the only thing that kept me going through the shock and pain was Laura's and Katie's posts. My world will be that bit sadder and darker without Laura here.

laura53923 in reply to hells456

Dont make me cry ... lm here xx

hells456 in reply to laura53923

Good. Liver disease is hard enough and would be worse without your posts to educate and enjoy x

laura53923 in reply to hells456

Thankyou hells xx

After careful consideration and the lovely messages you have sent, l have decided it unfair of me to leave you since so many of you obviously value my help, advice and support on this forum. The liver as most of us know is an integral part of our makeup as human beings and that it requires a lot of love and care to ensure it keeps functioning the way we expect it to. Many of the folk who come here are often terrified when faced with the diagnosis of severe liver disease and cancers caused by any number of things and should be safe in the knowledge that the experiences of those who have been here for many years gathering facts, can offer the best possible information to reassure each and everyone of them.This forum should not be reduced to childish playground antics.... liver disease is no joking matter whatever stage it's at but it doesn't need to be frightening to anyone recently diagnosed, with us continuing our support with accurate facts and our wealth of experiences. I have always, since losing my husband to alcoholic liver disease strongly discouraged people from drinking which doesn't always go down well but l know where it can lead so hats off to anyone who manages to kick it. I have huge admiration for those who have had struggles in life, used massive amounts alcohol as a crutch to blot it all out only to become so close to death, they had to abide by the incredibly tight rules in order to eventually receive their long awaited, vital replacement liver. Their stories are truly humbling and deserve huge respect, as do the close family members who are caring for them.

Same is true of those getting through each day with cirrhosis, staying dry and taking their meds, suffering pain and symptoms many people couldn't even imagine but are living their lives with strength and possitivity.

I wish you all the best of everything.

Stay safe in these trying times and

Love your liver

Laura ❤

Mondy122 in reply to laura53923

Laura i for one like your straight honest support cos some people want coddling (you ok hun,pm me,sugarcoat it)nah you say it as it is and if folk don’t like it sod off and if folk wanna get childish or nasty there’s enough folk on here will back you up and spit them out,you keep doing what you do for FREE and in your own time may i add cos people appreciate it

laura53923 in reply to Mondy122

Love you ... thankyou xxxx

Roots57 in reply to laura53923


Lilybug in reply to laura53923


I only come on now and again that would have been a shock no Laura and not so long ago we nearly lost Richard wish people could be kind to one another

no one knows just what’s going on in everyone’s life’s

I have got lots of info from this site over the past years

long may it continue

Stay safe everyone

So sorry to hear this- Laura was always kind enough to write on posts and help the best way possible with advice. I guess maybe it’s just time for her to move on in her life and we need to respect that and not make it harder for her. Good luck Laura xx and thank you!

laura53923 in reply to Woodie01

See above wooodie xxx

Woodie01 in reply to laura53923

So pleased to read this Laura xx

laura53923 in reply to Woodie01


Ticktoc in reply to laura53923

Oh good glad to hear stay safe and I know I can always rely on you to ease my mind when I don't seem to get answers from gp etc 😘😀

laura53923 in reply to Ticktoc

I will always do my best x

I have loved Laura’s directness. She doesn’t sugar coat things but it doesn’t take away from how caring and wonderful she is... glad to hear she is sticking around!!!!

Thanks and Bless you Laura009 🥰

I am so very sorry to hear this and that Laura felt that she had choice but to go. If anyone has her contact details please tell her how much she will be missed.

As you say her advice and support has been invaluable to me and I will miss her so very much.

AyrshireK in reply to Bs1524

If you read the thread, Laura has decided to stay (thank goodness).

laura53923 in reply to AyrshireK

Thanks Katie .... such wonderful support from so many lovely people xx

laura53923 in reply to Bs1524

Thanks for your pm Pam. I'm not going, it never crossed my mind that so many kind people relied on little old me quite so much. Thankyou so much everyone for the lovely messages ❤

i've not had a drop of alcohol since your "directness" gave me the wake up call back in November. I've only been in this group 4 months but glad you've chosen to make a difference x

So pleased you are continuing to do well.... brilliant .... keep going 👍berlina xx

Millie09 in reply to Thumberlina

How wonderful ❤thumberlina! Such positive news ☺

It is such a shame that Laura is leaving. She has helped me and many others over the years to which I am truly gratefulTake care and stay safe Lynne

laura53923 in reply to Oldham65

Lynn honey, read my long message further up ..... xx

Oldham65 in reply to laura53923

👍that's great news. You have helped so many people on here. You are a well loved and respected person on this forum. Lots of love Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗💜🤗

Thank you Lifestyle-Guru for letting us know and Thank You Laura for staying 👍

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