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Captain Sir Tom Moore dies in hospital with coronavirus

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I, like so many others, was saddened to hear this news.

What an inspirational man. I think he should be given a special military funeral. Raising over £33 million for NHS charities is an outstanding achievement.

He certainly lifted the nation's spirits during this war on Covid. This final battle is over. Rest in Peace. Three cheers for Capt Tom:

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Farewell to a true Gent, he will be missed.

He filled me with optimism and positivity. A truely inspirational, adorable man. "Tomorrow will be a good day."

Thankyou Captain Tom 🇬🇧


Well said to a true hero!

A truly remarkable man and gentleman. RIP.

So sad A very remarkable, caring man who was definitely a hero. RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore. Such a brave, brave man. RIP Sir Captain Tom Moore ❤️🙏❤️🙏

Very sad to hear the passing of captain Tom. He really was so inspirational .

Makes me so annoyed the state of affairs in our country these days with all the killing on the street .

May he RIP .


What an inspirational man he was and what a lifetime he has had going through WW2 and coming out with such positive quotes makes you think. RIP Captain Sir Tom. 🌻

Hear hear


RIP Sir Captain Tom, a true gentleman, may your family find some peace at this time. “Tomorrow will be a good day” 🇬🇧

I am in total agreement. im working from home but we get a daily email from the company of our hospital Trust and today a decision has been made to rename the newest unit the Sir Tom Moore unit. we all benefited from the funds he raised and I and everyone else have much to thank him for.

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Laura009 in reply to bevcol

Wonderful 💙💙

Although not knowing this remarkable and honest Gentleman, he had the capacity to make you feel as though you did know him. I was so upset when I heard about his death. I will certainly remember him for the rest of my days as I am sure the whole of the UK will along with the World. Everyone should be out clapping for him on the day of his Funeral whenever that may be. We should all learn from him bless his heart. God Bless you Sir Captain Tom - you have been a true British Fighter.


Boris has requested clapping for him tonight at 6pm 🇬🇧🥇🏅🎖💙

Thank you so much for your reply Laura. We shall certainly be clapping for him tonight. I will forfeit anything for a true hero of our Country. Once again Laura, sincere thanks to you and please stay safe. We try our best in Norfolk.

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RIP to a true hero.....

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