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SSRI's, PPI's, antidepressants and LFTS ?


I have had so many problems this year it almost seems that its not one thing but the next. I find these sites, the (IBS) as well so good, as we have all been forced to see so called experts that fob us off most of the time. I work in the field of mental health and If i am told once more that things are all in my head. Arrh hello, Im in hospital with bleeding ulcers, Fatty Liver disease, IBS, SIBO, insomnia and the images don't lie. 'Oh bleeding ulcers cannot be caused by mental stress, Sir' ' Ok, so whats causing them given I am not a smoker, drinker and HP negative' ' Oh you must be taking NSAID's Sir' 'No' , ' Oh well we dont know then'.

Anyway sorry for the rant. I am going through my bloods since the start of my year from hell, and trying to work out why my LFT's were raised in the first place ( I had to do my own research, which resulted in a biopsy and fatty liver diagnosis) Has anyone out there ever started on SSRI's ie Zooloft and maybe antidepressants Mirtzapine etc and then seen raised LFTS, ie ALT,AST,GGT, Alk Phos. Others liver functions see ok, Alburin etc etc.

Of course the experts tell me that SSRI's or any antidepressants cannot and would not do this. But at that time I was not on any other medications, so trying to work out what spiked them., no drink, drugs etc. I have since changed my diet and lifestyle to start bringing the LFTs down in an effort to arrest NAFLD, and will get another scan in 2 months, but still want to know why my LFT's were possibly elevated over the very period I was on the SSRI's, PPI's and Mirtzapine. Sorry for the length of this post, I just find other forum members know so much, and in my opinion offer real insight to real experiences. At least you get some answers here. Thank you

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SSRIs cause my LFTS (GGT and ALT) to rise 3-5x the ULN. It happens about a month after starting them (I have tested this 4x now) and they normalise a few weeks after stopping them.

I've cirrhosis got my blood done in docs all bloods my liver function use to be between 800 and 900 I have been sober for 6 months from when I was told over the phone about my condition got my blood results back and my Lft is down to 76 and I have been on Antidepressants for over 35 years mine are probably different ones than yours but definitely havnt affected my liver only the drink done me I was sent by the consultant to give bloods probably more intense ones for the liver that was 3 weeks ago haven't heard anything back I'm waiting on scans now hopefully they get to the bottom of your problems goodluck Godbless

Sounds like you know what caused the problems and you should literally follow your gut. But if you are waiting for doctors to confirm this, that they prescribed something that made you worse or liver enzymes worse I think your in for a long long wait. All the best.

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