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Benefits whilst shielding.

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Can anyone tell me how we are supposed to live with very little income. My partner has to shield due to having his transplant 2016. He started a small one man business in 2018 but had to isolate starting March 2020. Since then he has lost the business but gets no help as he wasn't trading long enough. I am retired so all we have income wise is my state pension. We have been refused ESA & Income support due to his not paying class 2 NI in the last 2 years. He didn't see the need as he had paid enough years to qualify for his state pension. As he is only 57 he has a good few years to go. Apart from his illness 2016 to 2018 he has never been out of work.

I don't know just what we expected to live on. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Hi hobo,Certainly tough times , sorry to hear of hubby's business,

Has he applied for pip ? That is not means tested and can be applied for if you have an illness that affects you long term on a daily basis,

Can't hubby claim income related ESA as opposed to contribution related ESA. I am in receipt of both of those and have been since 2016 ..

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h0b0 in reply to Millie09

He isn't ill...just vulnerable. As I said before we have been denied ESA. many thanks.x

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Millie09 in reply to h0b0

Just a suggestion 😏

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h0b0 in reply to Millie09

I know & thank you. x

Does Universal Credit not cover his situation? You should look into that.

Contact Citizen's Advice Bureau or your local council who should have an income maximisation team or benefits advice team.


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h0b0 in reply to AyrshireK

Thanks Katie.Universal credit was going to be my next port of call. So bloody exhausting filling in all the forms & answering very personal questions. like "inside leg measurements & how many bowel movements per day ! Well that's what it feels like. Thought all this was " Done & Dusted". xx

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Laura009 in reply to h0b0

🙄 I now see Katie has already suggested CAB

Try calling citizens advice maybe ?

Sorry you're having difficulties. I just wanted to reiterate what Katie and Laura said about contacting citizens advice. They have help to claim Universal Credit advisers as well as advisers who can help with PIP claims. Its important to get advice particularly about PIp as the forms are so awful and need to be completed properly. They also have Debt advisers who can help with any debts you may have. Advice is all free. All the best.

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h0b0 in reply to Corrine1

many thanks.x

So sorry to hear you are having a tough time. I had to fight to get ESA, and when that ended moved to Universal Credit, which On reflection would have been easier for me! ESA made me jump through so many hoops to get what I was entitled to! UC was difficult at first as the forms were a nightmare, however it was the same amount as ESA and I found it ok as if was all online🙏

If all else fails, you might find some luck on a website like gofundme. I think even Facebook has something similar. Never been one to ask for hand outs, but sometimes you've got to do what you can to get by. My mother had something similar happen to her. She sells crafts on etsy to supliment her retirement. Works for her.

Has anyone on here applied and received PIP , forms are very very complex,

Yes, hubby been on it since 2012 although the first time round we had a horrid time and only got an award after taking it to appeal tribunal and with support of local council welfare rights officer.We've since had it renewed (4 times now I think we are at). I complete hubbies forms for him using the member guides on the Benefits and Work website which is amazing as it goes through the forms step by step to help you provide the evidence you need and buzz words to use. You MUST get supporting letter from your consultant backing up what you say with medical proof of the issues you have. PIP isn't about your condition but how your condition affects you as to if you need help with various tasks etc.

My hubby has cirrhosis due to AIH, suffers chronic fatigue, sleep disruption and concentration and comprehension difficulties due to what medics describe as mild Hepatic Encephalopathy so he needs help and support with many of the descriptors and also can't made journeys unaided. He gets enhanced daily living and basic rate mobility.

Benefits and work website is well worth the few pounds it costs to join as it really does help big style with the form filling.


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Yorkybar in reply to AyrshireK

My pip application still not decided. Forms requested May 2020, arrived July. Submitted July and still no decision. After 80 minute hold on phone I am told my claim is under active consideration. The actual form is not difficult it is the supporting documentation of the claim which takes some finding. No income at all since February. Living on diminishing savings. All the support agencies shielding so no face to face help. Whole system upside down with Covid. Good luck Hobo. Thanks for Website tip Ayrshire.

Hi, if you haven't already done it you should see yesterday's (5th Jan) edition on line of Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert : as there were many tips about what benefits are available during this lockdown. There could be some opportunities not already covered elsewhere.

Hope that helps.

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