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Another tragic loss


For those of you who remember Peony53 who posted several months ago regarding her daughter who was suffering greatly with alcohol addiction and cirrhosis, it is with great sadness l announce she has lost the battle. Alcohol has claimed yet another victim. Carolyn and l have been in touch since her 1st post, she has been 1 strong, brave lady throughout and l'm sure will value our support as she faces her future without her daughter.

Laura xxx

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That is so sad 😢 God Bless x

Oh, my love. So awful. Today is the anniversary of my husband’s funeral. Leukaemia. All love to Peony53. One day you will remember and smile. Don’t feel guilty for that.

Laura009 in reply to Cobwebs


Laura009 in reply to Cobwebs

Peony53 (Carolyn) will be writing the story about her daughter's addiction and illness when she feels ready.

L xx

Cobwebs in reply to Laura009

A brave decision. xx

So sad to hear Laura, please pass on my condolences to Carolyn at the sad time.

Thankyou Richard. Will do x


Thank you for sharing Laura...we are so sorry to read this, please pass on our sincere condolences to Peony, and thank you for supporting her.


Laura009 in reply to Trust1

I will. Thankyou. Xx

Thank you for passing on the message, another tragic story. Please pass on my condolences 🌹

Laura009 in reply to TT-2018

I will. Thankyou xx

Sydney54 in reply to Laura009

So sorry.



Oh Laura how so very sad. Please pass on my condolences to Carolyn my thoughts are with her.

Thankyou Pam l will.

How's your hubby doing ? Are you ok?

Sorry to hear the sad news and sending my condolences xx❤️

So very sad ☹️ I really wish there was more support and help for people and their families coping with alcoholism🙏

Laura009 in reply to Lam1e

I agree x

So very sad to read of another passing. Laura will you please pass on my condolences. 💔

I also wish there was support for families who are grieving as a result of liver disease. 🤗😥

Laura009 in reply to Witcat

I will of course, thankyou. So hard for families. You have to watch them, try to help them, then live and cope with their addiction. You watch them get seriously ill and then you watch them die. Then you are left to pick up the pieces and face your life without them. Whatever the problems their addiction caused, their loss can leave a huge void which may for many, never be filled.

Oldham65 in reply to Laura009

Laura, this is so sad. Please pass on my condolences to Carolyn. ❤️🙏❤️🙏Xxxx

Thank you all for your kind posts and I’m shedding a quiet tear as I read them. It’s been a weird week - sadness and yet so much love coming our way - our daughter would have been amazed. She tried so hard but in truth she couldn’t face life without substances and - most importantly- wouldn’t seek help.

As Laura says I will tell her story - not just as sad but also as tribute to her caring nature - trying to help other people but unable to help herself.

She had a child ( who lives with us) - and during that time didn’t drink, smoke or take anything. When in desperation I asked her how she could do that then drink again she simply said “ It was for somebody else”.

So - there’s a lesson there.

Thank you all for your wishes xx

Gordes in reply to Peony53

I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Addiction is a very cruel & complex issue in all its forms. I wish we knew a better more successful way of dealing with it. Please know that many of us on here are thinking of you & your daughter. Take care.

Peony53 in reply to Gordes

Thank you. I think for my daughter it was underlying Issues and tragedies which she just couldn’t cope with. Plus the mad government edict which won’t treat mental health issues if you drink. They are often the symptom!

Gordes in reply to Peony53

I know so many experts let alone politicians don’t get the addiction is the symptom of something much harder to fight. I hope you & your family get the support you will need.

Cb1963 in reply to Peony53

My sorrow and sadness goes out to you and your family,deepest condolences. x

kyia in reply to Peony53

How hard it is to love someone who doesn't love themselves. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Millie09 in reply to Peony53

I’m so so very sorry to read the news on your daughters passing .. addiction is extremely hard whatever form it comes along in .

Myself .. recovering alcoholic whom has her own inner battles of late with the drink mental wise .

Please go with the strength and knowledge that she is now at peace . God bless you and give you strength in her child that she now lives on in

Thoughts and prayers (( big hugs))

Linda xx 🌹

She will be in my prayers 🙏

Peony53 in reply to Deejay1952

Thank you.

Thank you for letting us know.

Please pass my sympathy and love to Peony

Laura009 in reply to Coco513

I will of course. She has now left a message of thanks on this thread x

Oh that is just so so sad. May her gentle soul REST IN PEACE. Alcohol wrecks families and tears them apart. I have never drank in my life, i never liked the taste of any drink. But my ex husband is an alcoholic and after 23 years i had to leave with my 4 children. Then 14 years ago our oldest son died from suicide and my ex is drinking even more he can't cope with the guilt. He neglected his children for drink and I feel for him, its very sad. Such a cruel world we live in. I hope tjid lady is getting help with her grief because it consumes your heart, mind and sold. 😪😓

Laura009 in reply to Ally1966

It really does wreck lives Ally. It's so important that they admit when they are self medicating with alcohol and get professional councelling to get to the underlying cause of their addiction. Sadly the nature of the beast says stick your head in the sand so they do. So sorry for your loss and problems.

L xx

Peony53 in reply to Ally1966

Ally - Thank you for your kind words re our daughter. I’m so sorry to hear about your dreadful time and loss of your son. I hope you have managed to make a happier life for yourself. It’s caring that you feel for your ex - there are far too many judgmental people around - but really they don’t understand.

Best Wishes to you too.

This lady.

So, so sad. Please pass along my sincere condolences ❤️xxx

Laura009 in reply to Helpcare66

Thankyou . Xx

So sorry to read this. Thinking of her family at this sad time. RIP ❤️

Peony53 in reply to RedLottie

Thank you.

So sorry to hear that it’s a terrable addiction .and for the family watching you battle it .its a tragic loss for her .thinking of her

Thank you.

So sorry to hear this, may she rest in peace x

Please pass my sincere sympathy’s yet another good person lost to alcohol, I wonder how the word can be put out there to the young people of this world 😢.

Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Laura009 in reply to Dogbot

Sadly they think it will never happen to them. The blase attitude people still have towards alcohol is staggering.

So saddened by this news. May she rest easy!!!

Our kindest thoughts are with you.

Its an awful condition that I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. Massive condolences to you ❤

Sorry to hear this x

This is so sad, thinking of Carolyn and anyone affected by this. Much love ♥️

Godbless ❤️

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