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Fibroscan and possibly biopsy

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Afternoon all

A while ago I was referred to a specialist as liver blood test wasn't right ?

No idea really why there not right doctor never said?

So eventually I've had a call couple of weeks ago from specialist and I have to go for a fibroscan if this doesn't come back ok it will also be a liver biopsy

How painful is a liver biopsy?

The other thing that's worrying me

A while ago I had a bad back so I had phone consultation with the doctor

He gave me some painkillers diazepam and co codamol and referred me for physio

But then said if I have any bowel problems or bleeding from the bowel to go straight to A & E ?

Is this just general precautions? Or because of my enlarged spleen or/and possible liver problems?

I will say they don't know i have a enlarged spleen for definite yet ? As they say my abdominal organs may just be larger due to my height and size ?

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We would suggest to get much more information from your doctors, they are best placed to explain their clinical plan of care to you, only they can explain what they mean and provide a rationale.

A fibroscan will give more information and estimate any stiffness or scarring in the liver.

Here is our information on liver biopsy:

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I wish it was that easy

When walk in appointments was available i seemed to get little information from them

Now the appointments are done by telephone due to covid

Get even less

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We do appreciate how difficult it is to try to speak with your own doctors at the moment. However, if they are sending you for further tests they do have a duty of care to explain why.

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Unfortunately I have no faith in GP's anymore

The times I've visited I've had little to no information or answers to symptoms I've had

I'm sure most are the same

Not just because of my experience but family and friend's also

Even before telephone consultations

I've given up with nhs GP's now

I've been looking to go to a private GP

I've had to wait well over to get where I've got now

As first referral doctor forgot to put notes on ?

It then had to be sent back to GP

And then sent again from GP to specialist 🙄

So waited twice as long

Still have no date for fibroscan

Even when referred to a specialist rarely do you see a specialist under NHS

Always seems to be 1 of there team ?

I will just wait for the fibroscan for now

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Have a look at our publication 'The patient Charter' It details the care you should expect to receive if you are diagnosed with a liver condition in the UK

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Thanks although I know this doesn't happen I've had a enlarged liver for few years at least

Found on ultra sound

Still wasn't given a 6 monthly ultrasound as should have been no follow up no referral to specialist to see why?

Just told spleen was enlarged and that was it

Only recently been put on for 6 monthly scans as said again is enlarged

Only found as I have gallbladder polyps and supposed to have scan every 12 months

This never happens either till I contact them to chase it up 🙄

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Our nurse led helpline is open today 10am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330, you are welcome to call us and we can have a chat with you?

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