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Blood Results.

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Hi all,

I've just had my bloods back and I don't know much about the results, I cant get hold of my Hepatology consultant for toffee, so I rang my Gp and the receptionist gave me the results, no Gp available till a week Tuesday....thats fine but 1 phone call and 1 scan since November 7th last year with what I have im not too pleased, so im pulling my hair out and I suffer with autoimmune Alopecia so I won't have much left by then 😅 ....and I know nobody is medically able or trained to give such medical advice on this but does anyone know if this is OK-ish considering my Cirrhosis, in December 2019 I was told everything was in the red and that I need to correct my ways pretty bloody I have. Any help on this would be brilliant. Thanks

GGT: 77

Billirubin: 13

AST : 31


I have no idea in the foggiest what any of that means, so I'm pretty lost.....anyone have a SatNav 🤣

Sorry for being a pain but its pickling my walnuts...

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Ps. If I could upload my results I would as I cant seem to upload more than one picture. Sorry again.

I .m not 100 per cent sure but I think your GGT is slightly high, AST & bilirubin ok but what is X77WP. Hopefully others will be on soon. 😳

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Hi belleben, I thought the GGT was high but thats to be expected i think, but the X77WP was next to my LFT result so im lost, as none of that makes sense to me either. I shall just have to wait for the professionals to give me some input but I won't hold my breath.

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My GGT was even higher than that at my last test. I have gallstones and not sure if that can cause it to be higher. I'm waiting to see my consultant on 6th Oct now. I think bilirubin is ok up to 20 so urs is ok

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AyrshireK in reply to Ashw88

X77wp is just med speak for liver function tests i.e. their code for LFT's. It's not a result it what has been ordered. (If they had ordered Thyroid function test it would be X77Wg, Serum Iron test would be XE24q etc. etc.).

Hopefully you will hear from doctors some time and get proper answers.


I *think* the X77WP is just the term for the type of test. That is a code to list that your liver function has been tested. There should be a number or value that lets the doc.know if things are good, bad etc.

I found that on this very website but in a different section.

Your GGT is up - it should be between 6-42. I don’t drink at all and mine is high due to fatty liver. Your other results are fine. Billirubin should be under 21 so 13 is good. AST Range is 10-35, so yours is within that. So they are both ok. Your ggt could be up for a number of reasons but as others are ok try not to panic. Mine has been as high as 99 for no reason. If it was an issue they would be fitting you in urgently. I had a scare last year as everything went sky high although I felt fine. Had blood tests twice a week, an urgent scan, calls with doctor etc. Told if I get any pain to go to A&E but I felt ok. Anyway after a month they came back down. They still don’t know why.

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Ashw88 in reply to jbrking

Thank you for your input, my billibrubin level was of the scale last time I looked like a minion, so 13 im happy with that, my GGT well I expect that not to be good. Jbr thank you. Take care.

No that is fine thank you all, I know my GGT levels aren't going to be normal considering, I just hope I get some more clarification from my consultant, when..who..or what well that's problem. Thanks again.


Hey Ashw88, besides AST levels, you should check your ALT levels too. If AST/ALT ratio is greater than 2, then it is highly suggestive of alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis. Hope this helps.

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Hi what do you mean by this? Greater than 2 🤷

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Let me illustrate this with an example, let's say a patient's AST reading is 62 and ALT reading is 27, then AST/ALT ratio will be 62/27 = 2.29 (> 2). This patient is most likely suffering from Alcoholic Hepatitis / Cirrhosis.

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Ashw88 in reply to SrikarV

Hi mines 1.79 from what I've been looking at.

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SrikarV in reply to Ashw88

Good. This is one of the ratios that indicates Liver Cirrhosis. However, please do consult your Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist and get the results examined.

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Ashw88 in reply to SrikarV

Will do if I could get ever get hold of them. Cheers

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That's a good indicator when a person is drinking but when a person has stopped drinking most ast and alt goes back to normal. I have even seen people have normal ast/alt with advance liver disease but their platelets are low or in low range.

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Ashw88 in reply to sophiaS1980

Cheers Sophia, I have Cirrhosis so its to be expected 👍.

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Hi Ash,

Can you maybe contact your consultant via their medical secretary?

We appreciate its very frustrating not being able to reach them but we don't encourage interpretation of blood results on the forum or any photos of results.

Good luck and we hope you get to speak to your own team soon.

No I know I've slapped my wrist sorry 😮 but I've contacted them like 2 weeks ago and they said ill get a letter. Well I've had one letter for a ultrasound a month and half ago and 1 phone call in June since I was diagnosed in November last year, so I won't hold my breath. I just get the feeling I'm being left to my own devices, o well he's an alcoholic, he's done the damage to himself etc etc...anyways rant over lol. Thanks

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Trust1Administrator in reply to Ashw88

Worth a call to PALS?

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Ashw88 in reply to Trust1

Ok brilliant. Thank you.

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Trust1Administrator in reply to Ashw88

Good luck, keep us posted. You have done so well in getting healthy, don't let this get you down :)

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