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End stage liver disease

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Hi everyone, my mum is ESLD and has stopped all treatments. We don’t know how long she has but she has lost a lot of weight, itch from head to toe, can’t eat, very nauseous, some days very sick, bright yellow liquid. Ascites build up very bad, she was having 10 litres drained every 4 weeks but couldn’t handle it anymore, yellowing tint to skin, no energy, tearful, depressed and can hardly sleep. Can anyone else say if there will be any more problems she will get. She just wants to die now.We were left basically not knowing much about how she will deteriorate. Any one had to try get info alone? She is currently on morphine and we have finally managed to get a district nurse to give us advice. She today is going to be trying another medication to help with the itching caused by the bile ducts and they are also prescribing her cream. She is not yet in a confused state but not sure how soon this will happen. Anyone experiencing/experienced similar to my mum?

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Oh so so sorry for you all , xxxx

Hi Lovelily,

I am so so sorry to hear your tragic story of your mum's condition.

It seems your Mum is now just having palliative care.

I just want to say, you are both in my thoughts and prayers at this sad time.

God bless you both,


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Good morning Lovelily,

So sorry to hear what you are all going through .

I have included a link to 'Thinking ahead' publication.


You can also call the nurse led helpline on 0800 652 7330 Mon-Fri 10am-3pm if you wish to chat .

Take care ,


I am so sorry for your situation - I know what you are going through - my wife died under similar circumstances last year having shown many similar problems. I won't go into any details only to say that once it was recognised, the palliative care system was wonderful and I hope you are being well supported, and I mean you personally. We tried all sorts of medication for itching and found that "thermocare" had the best results. It has, I think, a menthol content. But again it's only a surface treatment but any relief is good.

Thinking of you - stay strong


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Lovelily in reply to upthereds

Thank you will give that a try. Sorry to hear of your loss. It’s horrible to watch them going through it. My mum has been extremely tearful today and says she feels completely exhausted bless her.

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upthereds in reply to Lovelily

Hello again - another anti-itch cream we used was Lanacane.

You can buy it on Amazon. Your situation, bad enough in it's self, must be made so much worse with this virus.

I really do feel for you

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