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Outpatients appointment

Have spoken to my transplant team and I don't have to attend my next appointment as I thought. My next appointment will instead be over the telephone. Thank you Trust1.

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Hi Geordie,

Have they told you anything about having a blood test done? Also, are you getting your medication sent out to you from the hospital?



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Apparently as I'm doing well I'm not considered urgent or suffering from anything that is of concern. My bloods have been consistently good so no bloods until next appointment. A prescription is being sent for my Advagraf to me today.

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Appreciate your reply and well done on your excellent progress. Hopefully everything will keep going in the right direction.

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Thank you 😊. I'm already on 3mg of Advagraf which I'm told is excellent as I'm only just 9 months post transplant.

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I notice from your profile that you're blood group B? I thought that particular blood group would lessen your wait for a donor liver? I'm blood group A and was told that was in my favour? I was listed and transplanted in 48 hours.

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Type B blood has a donor shortage in this country for a variety of reasons, primarily cultural.

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I'm learning everyday, thank you 😊

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The liver pharmacy gave sent me a green prescription which will be taken to my local pharmacy. They also included instructions for the pharmacist to order directly from the supplier. They also informed me that they would not be sending medication out directly. This was from Kings College Hospital in London.

Yes my next appointment will be done by pone I presume. I have my bloods taken at intervals between appointments as I prefer 2 do this and they send results via email 2 consultant who seems happy with this as it puts my mind at rest . My meds r delivered as well just adoport and mycophenolate others come from the chemist. Take care and keep well.

Can I ask if you need to get bloods done by your GP

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As far as im aware and from the communication that I've had I with my transplant team my bloods have been condistently good since transplant so I'm not deemed to be in danger. I was told that my bloods would be taken at my next appointment. Nothing was mentioned about my GP taking bloods. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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