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Itching driving me mad


My itching is driving me absolutely crazy last few days could cry tonight , and constipation worse ever 3rd day without going ...

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Hi Shezza I know how your feeling. I go through the constipation every 10 days. I have awful cramps then spend the whole day going back and forward to the loo. This only started since I was put on Urso. Gp gave me lactulose, bloody awful stuff. But needs must. GP said it’s due to all the medications.

I also have the mad itch. I was prescribed various tablets some that made me sick, but I was given aqueous cream with cooling effects. This helps me.

I hope you get through this ok. Go see the doc. But it’s just normal for me now.

Take care my lovely.

Jane xx

ThreeSmiles in reply to P13jne

Phew I’m glad I never had Urso then! What’s it supposed to do?

I absolutely loved lactulose - like nectar 😀👍.


Shezza123 in reply to P13jne

Hi eventually went today to toilet just so hard and stomach cramps before .. I’m on Urso and tried using my sons aqueous cream so will see how go I am on powders and has helped with itching hope yesterday was one off again .

P13jne in reply to Shezza123

I’m glad you’re over the discomfort. I was prescribed the powders, but my chemist can’t get them anymore. Was then put onto the tablet form which made me sick. I finally gave up on them. Take care my lovely xxx

Shezza123 in reply to P13jne

I’ve had terrible time trying find chemist to do sachets but so far got them eventually xx



I take fexofenadine 180mg which does help a little bit, go to see your GP, hope it helps m love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Shezza123 in reply to Hidden

Thank you got consultant appointment in July


Hi Shezza,

For me, Codeine is a huge no-no. Are you on any pain meds that may be contributing to this very uncomfortable, painful issue? I'll certainly never take codeine again. I was once prescribed oxycodone too. Wouldn't touch it in case it had the same effect.

Do you find Avoiding Gluten helps at all? Have you been tested for gluten intolerance? A family member had great success relieving her constipation and bloating issues by omitting gluten from her diet, once diagnosed.

Berries, flax seed, spinach, yoghurts, prunes, etc., plenty of water, keeping active can all help. I also find rubbing and massaging the stomach can help a wee bit. And trying to relax. I used to refer to a book on massages and pressure points for various ailments and in particular constipation. I found it helpful.

An elderly relative's doctor recently advised her that too much fibre can actually bung one up. She takes Milk of Magnesia now which helps her, but I am not sure how that remedy may interact with a struggling liver? I'm sure your GP could advise.

Regarding your itching issue, Shezza, it must be awful to the degree that you and so many suffer. My husband's doesn't appear near as bad as it was for years. He scratched himself raw like so many. In his case, abstaining from and/or significantly decreasing his alcohol intake seems to have helped.

His GP okayed antihistamines recently for sinus issues but many of them should help with the itching too, I would think. Is that an approved med for you? One's own specialists would likely need to approve them.

I've slacked off the past few nights with experimenting with and applying many various creams to my husband's legs and ankles. We had yet to find the "one" but they helped. I keep forgetting to try Vaseline!

Take care and I hope that things work out better for you soon.

Roz22 in reply to Hidden

Have you tried Eurax it lasts about 8 hours

Shezza123 in reply to Roz22

Hi I’m on some powders the doctor prescribed me take two a day and most time helps but times when drives me mad . Can I buy Eurex over the counter ? Is it a cream ?

Roz22 in reply to Shezza123

Hi Shezza123 you can buy Eurax over the counter or over the internet I get mine from any Chemist.

Roz22 in reply to Roz22

Hi Shezza sorry forgot to say it is a cream pluss you can also get a lotionI hope it helps


I tend to get this ITCH too!. It’s usually when my skin temperature is to high. Fined myself taking frequent cool 🚿 showers. It seems we go through these symptoms every now and then.😬. If it’s not itching it’s nausea, or swelling abdominal and legs, maybe tiredness. Hopefully one of these days, somebody will give us the answer.

All best wishes chrissie 👌😜


Good morning Shezza123,

So sorry to hear about your symptoms.

Do you already take medication for itch /constipation?

Also, I see from your profile that you have Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC).

Do you take Ursodeoxycholic acid ? This can contribute to bowel upset. It may be worth asking your GP/ liver specialist team about changing your times of taking this as that can have an impact on gastro disturbances.

It may also be worth considering you make sure you drink adequate (2litres) of fluid a day as that may help itch and constipation.

If you have a nurse specialist attached to your liver team it may be worth having a chat with them, alternatively, feel free to call our nurse led helpline on 0800 652 7330 Mon-Fri 10am-3pm and we will be happy to talk.

Take care


I call it my symptomatic blips!. Itching, nauseous, lethargy etc. All seem to come then disappear again. It can sometimes be a bit of a pain eh.

Fortunately no problems with constipation.

Hope you’re itch disappears soon.

Best wishes chrissie 👌x

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