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Spider veins on chest and arms

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I’ve been freaking out recently. About 6 months ago while going thru a divorce I had begun binge drinking consistently for months. After my blood test showed elevated AST ALT I quit drinking, had a ultrasound and fibroscan which concluded that not only did I not have any fat on my liver but that it was smooth and completely healthy. Fast forward to the last couple months I have discovered a blue vein on my chest and a number a small faint spider veins on chest, ribs and arms. I have ask family and friends can they see them and they say barely and that I’m bugging out. After the ultrasound my blood numbers went back normal and my dr seems to think this is in my head. Just looking for some perspective from others.

8 Replies
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Looks perfectly normal to me .....

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Spider veins (even if you have them which isn't clear from the photo) are nothing to do with liver issues. Spider Angioma or Spider Naevi are sometimes a symptom of liver issues and from the photo you don't have any of those.

A totally normal scan, normal fibroscan & totally normal bloods are all good - i'd take it as confirmation your health is fine.


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matthewjr in reply to AyrshireK

Yeah that’s what I keep telling myself, but I had recently had RUQ & LUQ pain and dark urine almost orange (primarily in the am) on top of this. It’s just good to reach out for others opinions. Really exhausted my parents with this.

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AyrshireK in reply to matthewjr

Dark urine first thing in the morning is absolutely normal and due to it being more concentrated after going all night without fluid (dehydration). Upper R & L quadrant pain that has come and gone could be anything and not necessarily liver related. It's unlikely you are going to have any liver symptoms with all the normal tests you've had.

Anxiety is getting the better of you here, you've quit the drink and giving your overall health its best shot.

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All looks normal. Gp might be right about all in your head.

Hi Matthew,

Whilst we appreciate you are worried, No one on the forum is medically qualified to assess your photo.

We would suggest you focus on the normal test results you have from your doctors.

Warm wishes


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i have the same ones and can’t figure out what is causing them.

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Aec3 in reply to jeedenis

Same. I think there's a relation between covid-19 or covid vaccination (mRna) or hypertension... Doctor said that they expect it to disapear and I can take the second dose mRna. Do you have hypertension or any family member who has it? I wish you my best, take care

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