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How much, and what, do 'heavy drinkers' drink?


I don't in any way want to diminish the faults in me for drinking around 10-12 pints of beer a week, but does anyway have any idea about just how much the really 'heavy' drinkers drink ie roughly how many pints or bottles etc, and how long will some of them have been doing it before they got to where they are now?

I have a friend who is an official of a local club, and he tells me they have a round 10 people will go in and have 6 pints every dinnertime, and then, sometimes, another 6 pints at night. How come these people can do that and is it really the case that some people are just able to that without any real apparent damage?

I ask this because I tend to worry so much and judge myself so fiercely about my own failings and problems, and far from pointing the finger at everyone else, I just need to know that some people as 'bad' as me can still survive.

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Hi there I suppose everyone is different. I began drinking at about nineteen and had a TP at forty nine and I drunk mainly one to two bottles of cheap white wine every day after work or a bottle of Lambrini and probably twice that amount at weekends. and yet still hated drinking and knew what it would do but didn’t realise the severity of liver cirrhosis.most if not all who will reply to you. will tell you that if they had their time again they wouldn’t of touched a drop in the first place I’m guessing. But I’m still here to tell the tale but unfortunately there are a lot who aren’t and the loved ones will tell you of the utter devastation that alcohol causes. Your obviously worried about the amount you drink otherwise you wouldn’t of posted on a liver forum. and my advice to you would be to rain in the amount you are currently drinking ,if not stop all together. Whatever you do I wish you well. Paul


I may be corrected but thinks it's 1 In 10 develop full blown issues. Some are immune. I'm saying 10-12 daily for starters. 1 or maybe 2 bottles of spirits daily or a mixture of both. I know someone claims he was on 3 bottles of spirits daily & has no issues. And one gets rubbered on a mere 6 pints of probably the best lager in the world weak Carlsberg. Different strokes.

The main thing is not to take any notice of what others do. Those people drinking six pints are very unlikely to be healthy nor live to a ripe old age. A paramedic I was chatting to recently summed it up well by saying, “You never see an old alcoholic”.

The UK 14-unit a week limit is confusing, but the figures come from over 20 years of research. The risk of diseases increases for those regularly drinking more than this. That has to be the answer to your question.

Back to those guys drinking six pints (not much of a life), they’re almost certainly alcohol dependent now. Alcohol has got them by the balls.


Hello again GrahamB8,

As our forum members have pointed out , and I am sure they will continue you to support you with, every one is different.

I have included a link to alcohol units and what that means.

the current government recommendation is no more than 14 units per week with 3 alcohol free days.

Best wishes,


GrahamB8 in reply to Trust9

Thank you for this, Trust9

Popel, Ohfeckman and CocoChannel

Thank you for your replies on this. I've stopped now anyway - as I could never go through again what I'm going through just (assuming and hoping I recover) - so in that respect, it's definitely over for me...

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