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Skin and hair dryness

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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing as well as can be expected.

This is mostly a question for the ladies but men are free to jump in as well !

Since giving up alcohol due to cirrhosis diagnosis, I drink gallons of water and eat tons of fruit and veg but can't seem to get rid of skin dryness and flakiness. My hair is also really brittle and breaks a lot. I know its all cosmetic in the grand scheme of things and I have lots of nasty toxins on the inside but wondered if anyone had any tips on how to improve this ? I have tried all sorts of moisturisers and conditioners to the point where I am spending more in Boots the chemist than I did in the Tesco wine aisle.

Coconut oil, emu oil, Sudacreme, E45, Aloe Vera etc etc. but nothing seems to work. I am not particularly itchy but did think I would be starting to feel a bit more hydrated by now. I have also tried some of the fruit acids that seem to be all the rage now.


23 Replies
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Hi Jacobsmum. My wife has suffered from very dry skin for about 30 years. She has an underactive thyroid and apparently dry skin is very common with this problem. She uses aqueous cream in large tubs, which is quite cheap by comparison to other creams. She uses it morning and night and it solves her dry skin problem to a huge extent. If she ever forgets to use it then she has problems, which shows that it's really doing the job intended. Hope that this has info has been of some use to you. All the best Alf.

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jacobsmum24 in reply to alfredthegreat

I think I have some aqueous cream in my potions and lotions cupboard. Use it on the dog's noses if they get dry - worth a go. Thanks

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Doctor told my wife to wash with aqueous or diprobase cream. But she didn't feel properly clean washing with creams so found a soap that suits her skin that doesn't dry it out. She has very sensitive skin that reacts to perfumes and chemicals in bath products etc. so has to be careful. As jojo said fish oils are good to take too. Moisturising from the inside :-) Regards. Alf

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You need some omega 3 so up your fish intake and don't wash your hair so often let your natural oils help repair your hair

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Hi Jacobsmum

I have had excema all my life for which I use elocon ointment. Itis very good but as it is a steroid cream it will have to be prescribed by your doctor. I think it would be worth you asking about that. I have tried all the over the counter creams which claim they stop excema itching but they don't they only make it worse.

As for dry hair, try frizz ease serum


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Hi, my hubby has had a nasty eczema type rash for years. He's had a variety of creams from the quack, but the most significant difference in his skin was when we switched to Sanex in the shower. We only use that now, and coupled with regular oatmeal cream (from the Dr) he seems 'balanced' in general. As for your hair, try a sulphite free shampoo (the most expensive is not necessarily the best!), but if you're feeling a little flush treat yourself to an Olaplex treatment now and again at the hairdressers (specialist stuff, not all are licenced to sell/use it, and whatever you do don't try and buy it online as it will almost certainly not be genuine!) a treatment should be between £25.00-£35.00, and the 'maintenance take home' bottle around £30.00 (this should do approx 8-10 weekly top ups depending on hair length). Good luck, never stop bothering with your appearance 😉🤞😘

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Thanks Erica. I think when you are trying to build your self esteem back up, it does help to like what you see in the mirror in the morning. I live in the middle of nowhere and have well water rather than mains which I think can be hard on your skin and hair. It is filtered but I would never drink it but obviously have to use it for bathing. I was at a new hairdresser recently and she sniffed my

head and said oh you must have well water !

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Hi a man I’d like to chip in as we aren’t all rough skinned brittle haired Neanderthals lol.well some of us aren’t anywayl.but saying that cirrosis doesn’t distinguish between the sexes when it comes to suffering with symptoms I’d imagine. I also tried creams,moisturisers and nothing worked for me post TP and one of the most notable differences within the first week was the condition of my skin.i was flabbergasted by the change and I still am.with me the latter stages of cirrosis also caused not just dryness of my mouth but hands and feet as well and was more noticeable when trying to sleep.wish you well.paul

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Hi long post tp are psoriasis disappeared completely- but not leg ulcers - for 6 months post tp but then has come back slowly as tablet dosage lowered.someone told me it was the immunosuppressants that “cured” the psoriasis - temporarily at least 👍.miles

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Popel in reply to five months.and just turned my early thirties I managed to cut my leg at work and that was the first of about five leg I’ve suffered with ulcers for years it seemed to coincide with water retention for me and they actually improved when I gave up smoking but carried in drinking not putting the two together even having red swollen hands and really bad body cramps didn’t get me to the doctor.ive still got badly coloured legs and they are still sensitive but I’ve no open wounds and my skin is trying to heal and lighten.paul

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Phew - In retrospect I bet you wished you had gone to the doctor sooner! But I was the same - it was ostrich time for me ☹️. But I’m glad you are slowly improving 👍.

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Has your sunburn incident now healed fully? Please take care whilst away and eat brekkie as your paying for it! A nice bowl of fruit 😁😁😁

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Don’t know! Seeing dr tomorrow. Thanks!

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Good luck with GP! Now smile 😁😁😁

No brunch either Emmmm Errrr

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Moi? Smile? Cmon!

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You should be dancing as well as smiling as your going on your hols together! No lawns to cut or weeding to do !!!! I'm sending you smiley vibes 😋😋☺️😉🤤🤗


Oh poo! I think you mentioned once you dont dance, then do a wiggle ! Lol


I must now finish stripping bed and type up another pet contract then brunch!

Hello jacobsmum, organic shea butter was the game changer for me. Also up your omega oils, oily fish, avocado and olive oil on salads and everything.

Use none sulphate shampoo and condition will clean but not strip hair. Good luck 😉

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Hi my hair has become quite thin since my transplant putting it down 2 all meds hopefully.

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Eggs in any form are brilliant for improving your hair condition! Mines fine and the more eggs I eat the more body it has!

You can read about eggs being good for your hair on the web!

Hope this info helps ! Eggs are also great for putting a shine to your hair !

Whip one egg and shampoo in leave for 2 minutes then rinse mildly !

Good luck Steak x

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Any side effects from eating all those eggs Trish?

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None as far as I'm aware as I've been eating lots of eggs for years! Not the chocolate type either 😋😋😋! Is there a reason for your question as I'm curious?

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I use Doublebase. You can get it on prescription but also purchase in the chemist for about £11 for a large tub. Also, gentle enough to use on your face. I love it.

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Hello Jacobsmum, give Udder Cream a try it is very inexpensive and is without any toxins at all. I get mine from our local agricultural store. You may even be able to source it from your local Vet. It is for problems with lactating cows but it will do the job very nicely on our skin . All my best wishes


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