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Hi can somebody please advise I have made a appointment at my GP but I have to wait over 3 weeks my problem is that there seems to be a dull yellow in the corner of my eyes although my wife seems to think it’s not yellow it’s a cream colour but my chemist seems to think it has a yellow tinge my optician seems to think it’s normal but has agreed to take a second look my question is how does jaundice develop in the eyes does it start in one area then spreads or is the whole eye start off as a yellow colour the photo doesn’t really show to much for some reason it seems worse in the mirror

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Hi Sergio, My jaundice started with a slight tinge of yellow all over as well as a slight tinge all over in the eyes (and not in just a corner) It's best to leave the diagnosis of jaundice to the experts. We cannot diagnose on here. To me your eyes look OK but I am not a doctor. Blood tests should show if you are jaundiced. Best wishes to you. Alf


Do you have any reason to think they may be jaundiced?

My late husbands skin turned yellow from top to toe including the whites of his eyes over night while in hospital being detoxed.

Yours look fine in my opinion but I would leave it to your GP to make the diagnosis.



This forum is here for members to share experiences and provide support to each other. However, this is not a medical forum and nobody here is qualified to give medical advice, interpret test results or make a diagnosis.

Within the guidelines of both this forum and HealthUnlocked, the British Liver Trust asks that users do not ask for specific medical advice or post pictures requesting an opinion. Any diagnosis and interpretation of symptoms can only be made by your own medical practitioner who will know your medical history and specific circumstances.

Please make full use of the British Liver Trust website for information and verified links regarding liver disease and taking care of your health.

If you have concerns regarding your liver, you may contact the British Liver Trust helpline either by email or telephone. Here you will receive advice from a well qualified and experienced nurse.


Please continue using the forum to share your experiences and seek support from members where there is a great deal of experience and knowledge of living with liver disease.

Wishing you well.

Volunteer moderator.

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