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Spider nevi

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Does anyone have any spider nevi on there body? i have quite a few now and they seem to look more red now . They feel slightly raised too .

12 Replies
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I have loads of them all over the place, some redder/bigger than others but none of them are raised. I was advised by my liver nurse that if I can remain stable (AIH, NAFLD & CIRRHOSIS) then they can often go away but not always. I've kind of just got used to them now lol

Lynn 🙂

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Countrywalks in reply to daisychain45

I hate them i have some on my face now too and neck .they say oestrogen causes them when the livers poorly .my hands and feet burn too .it worrys me makes me think im running out of time .

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Popel in reply to daisychain45

Hi there.they don’t look like spider neavi to me.i recently just put a post up a few days ago for what it looks like.check it out.paul

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Popel in reply to Popel

Also they don’t burn.not mine which are on both feet ,stomach,hands and around my nose. They look like a bunched up bundle of saffron.

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Countrywalks in reply to Popel

No its my palms of my hands that burn. That picture is not very good its blurred .

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That picture doesn't appear to show a spider angioma, spider naevi actually look like spiders with a central blob or body and thin legs running out from the central core. My hubby has a grand total of two on his shoulders and we know he definitely has cirrhosis.

You seem to again be looking for symptoms which back up your thoughts that you have cirrhosis when all tests so far have said you haven't.

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Countrywalks in reply to AyrshireK

The picture will not show them very well there are like central bits with things coming off it .if i magnify them you can see that well . They are now under my eyes and coming on my cheeks and neck also .

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Hi Countrywalks, I've read your posts but haven't 'spoken' til now. You've been told you don't have liver disease but seem convinced that this diagnosis is a mistake.

My hubby has cirhossis, presented with a decompensated episode with lots of symptoms, bleeding varices, acites, lost a lot of weight through muscle loss etc. As much as I would pray that it was all a mistake or that it could somehow miraculously reverse of course it hasn't & he has cirrhosis for life, although thankfully is doing well at the moment.

I've always been a bit of a worrier but now I think to myself, what did we really have to worry about before? We took good health for granted. You don't have liver disease but are living as though you do which is such a waste. I know health anxiety is terrible but please please try & appreciate your good fortune. I would love more than anything for hubby to be in your position & be told his liver was ok. Can you speak to your GP about your anxiety? I hope this doesn't come across as patronising but I feel sorry that your life is being overshadowed by this when you could be celebrating the freedom of having a healthy liver.

All the best x

btw, hubby doesn't have spider thingymebobs so I can't comment on them

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carefull1 in reply to Supportinghubby

Well said. Supportinghubby

in reply to Supportinghubby

Exactly the point I keep trying to get across as well!

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Hi. Yes I have lots. Mostly around my jawline and chest and several on my arms. Some are raised. I don't think they will go away.

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All I know is that more than six on your chest is a warning sign.

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