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The happy end of a long road 😊

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Hello all, not been on for a bit, hope you're all well? My elastography results came back as f1, which is fantastic! 😁 I don't know what the rep and Dr were arguing about πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. My alt is still down in normal realms, though high end, my ferritin is where it should be and the main thing is I'll always be kept an eye on via ultrasounds and bloods with hep and haemo Drs. Best of all there is now only minimal fat infiltration in my liver, it was very fatty before treatment. If i hadnt pushed for diagnosis this could be a very different story, it could have gone on for years and left proper, irreversible damage. I'm feeling thankful that after 4 years of symptoms and trying to figure things out, ive had treatment, it's lowered my levels and I've not much damage. I think the porphyria may be in remission as my urine hasn't been red for a couple of months(just a beaut Lucozade colour instead 🀣) and skin seems stronger and less fragile too, fingers crossed πŸ‘ŒπŸ€ž


(blt's resident vampire) πŸ§›β€β™€οΈ 😁.


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Count Stacy πŸ¦‡πŸ™‚ this is fantastic news! No other words other than simply fantastic. So happy for you, Get out and celebrate this!


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🀣🀣thanks Phoenix! I will celebrate with a lime and soda 😁. Xxxx

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Thata girl!

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Thanks for all your advice and continuing support Phoenix, it means a lot. I will still be around, just maybe not as much. 😊

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Oh it is my pleasure completely. You just keep being you. Time is on your side and as long as you never stop pursuing happiness, time will be out to charm you. Talk soon ❀

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Wow!! That's brilliant!! Take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Thanks Lynne 😊 same to you. Xxxx

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Thank you xxxx

Fantastic news, well done and keep it up!!

Thanks owlie, will do 😊

Great news Stacie, hope that you carry stepping forward, light at the end of the tunnel. πŸ‘

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Cheers Mark 😁

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Great news Stacie, thank you for letting us know.

Take care,


Thanks trust , I will share my story on blt website when I'm not so busy, you haven't got any porphyria ones. 😊

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That was my next question!! Thank you and when you are ready please do PM me or email me at the helpline at The Trust.

Warm wishes

Trust1/ Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca 😁 I will definitely do that when I'm less hectic. Xxxx

So inspirational and fantastic news. Well done !!😊😎

Thankyou warrior 😁 much appreciated. Xxxx

Hi Stacie,

Congratulations on such good news and best wishes going forward.

Had to look up Lucozade - one learns many new things on this site.

Best wishes,


That colour! 😁 Thankyou mary, very much appreciated. Xxxx

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