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Is this jaundice ? Please help

Hello I’ve never really look st my eyes until recently and thought my eyes looked weird, I don’t have any other symptoms and never drank in my life, I’m 19

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Hey adamelg. Noone here can tell you that for certain. Go see your doctor. Ask for a billirubin test. If its in normal range its not jaundice. My answer is no it does not even remotely look like jaundice but, we arent doctors on this site. As I said see your doctor and in the mean time try to stay off google search. Google search is the leading cause worldwide of self diagnosed ailments. No doctor qualifications needed for that diagnosis.

Good luck



Hi there. Phoenix is correct. It doesn't resemble jaundice atall. If you think you are at risk of it, for any reason, speak to your gp. Best wishes.



As others have said we are not doctors and from a photo you can’t always tell. I’ve seen the yellow of jaundice and can’t say there’s any resemblance but only proper testing could tell you that.

That aside something is obviously worrying you enough to post on the site, and my advice would be speak to a doctor about what it is they can truly put your mind at rest.


Very good point Candy regarding the underlying cause of the worry. That should always be addressed as well. Even if its as "simple" as health anxiety. Health anxiety is very real and can cause so much stress and feelings of sickness. Quality of life is so important.


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