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Liver disease connection to gum disease?

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Is anyone with liver disease also suffering from chronic gum disease?

I have auto immune hepatitis (AIH) and developed gum disease around the same time. I'm sure they must be connected.

My gum disease appears to have advanced, the dentist told me that the bone is starting to disappear on my teeth and it is severe for my age (I am 33). They think my medical condition and meds mean my body isn't fighting the infection.

I have been flossing, using mouth wash and brushing as advised and it isn't making any difference. They have said I am being referred to a specialist for my gum disease.

Has anyone out there got similar issues and if so was anything done to prevent tooth loss?

I am feeling very depressed about this because I get comments all the time about how nice my teeth are. I really don't want to lose them.

I'm convinced there is a connection or that I may have another auto immune disease that is affecting my gums?

If anyone out there has gone through something similar it would be great to get your advice. Thanks

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If you are on prednisolone to treat your AIH it is calcium stripping and can lead to tooth deterioration/breakage and jaw bone issues and tooth loss. My hubby has cirrhosis due to AIH, he has had to have all his front teeth removed because his gums/jaw bones were no longer holding them in place and they had become wobbly and an infection risk. He had never seen a dentist since childhood and had never had teeth issues, none of his tooth loss has been due to decay only these jaw/gum issues.

He is on Adcal D3 to supplement calcium and vitamin D - are you on something similar to support your teeth and bones? Have you had a recent DEXA scan to check your skeleton too for bone density issues?


Liver disease and gum problems go hand in hand unfortunately I had all my top teeth removed at 36 and I am now 41 and my bottom front ones are hanging on for dear life

I was totally heartbroken having them all removed but the alternative for me was no transplant so it was a no brainer!!

If your ok your dentist will do all they can to save them for as long as possible unless it comes to point of transplant, then the risk of infection becomes too great with weakened teeth and the doctors would suggest you remove them .... No one even notices that I have false teeth and it really doesn't bother me in the slightest now x

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Can I ask, are they removable false teeth? I only ask as I have had my front four replaced and as they managed to put two posts in they are basically fused and put on with the concrete type stuff and now some other teeth are failing me and I don’t know what the best next step is as I have to pay for mine and it is a fortune. Thank you

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Hiya 😊 yes they are removable ones I have no problem with them no one notices that they are false to be honest I get a lot of compliments on how nice my teeth are 😁

I have non alcoholic cirrohsis, heriditary hemachromotosis, some HE, and Nash, about 6 months ago had 3 root canals, all 3 have since broken, I always had beautiful teeth and it tears me apart to see that I'm gonna have to have false top teeth my dentist said my teeth were so thin that he had be really careful I feel your pain goodluck.

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Sorry :(

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Aih and livertransplant i had . immunosuppressants prednislone azathioprine cyclosporine . I was told my teeth had drifted got hyperplasia gingervitis when iwas 30 im now 61 and their still hanging in . Keep up the flossing and try not to worry

Before my liver transplant I had oral lichen planus which gave me ulcers on my tongue and cheeks and gave me difficulty eating at times. I was advised to change to a natural toothpaste with fewer chemicals avoid processed foods and use a mouthwash (Difflam). This improved my symptoms and since my transplant I am clear. It was considered that my condition and my medication had made me susceptible as this virus is not common in a male of my age. My medication gave me other issues too - I developed man boobs and sensitive nipples and lost all my body hair. The meds did keep me alive until I had a transplant and now my hair is back and my body is getting back to normal. I miss the sensitive nipples though - they were fun!!

Thanks everyone- I am so sorry to hear about your experiences ☹️chronic illnesses can be very emotional with everything you have to go through.

I have liver fibrosis but not cirrhosis (as far asI am aware, not had a biopsy in a few years- I have had 2 & liver damage had reduced from stage 5 to stage 3).

I am 33 & my gum disease started at 21. I have been very upset at the prospect of my teeth being removed, my teeth are in great condition as I have always tried to take good care of them & I only ever have needed 2 fillings in my life.

Is this a sign my liver disease may have advanced?

Gosh, I am sorry to read about your experience but I am glad you posted. In the last year I have had to have four fake teeth at the front, another one waiting a crown and another at the other side of my mouth broke in half when eating broccoli. I asked my dentist and he said no it wouldn’t be liver disease or medication but I was adamanat it was as I also have, up until now, never had any issues with my teeth. I’m not sure them getting worse would be signs of the liver getting worse but it would be worth a check with your liver doc.

Hey, Funny you say that, as I am having awful problems with my teeth & gums! looks like I need another tooth out! I was wondering if it was contected with my liver diease!

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jojokarak in reply to Abby14

It is connected x

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Abby14 in reply to jojokarak

I am having my my gums cleaned next week

Thanks for clarlfing that :)

My teeth were removed ten years ago, they were genetically inferior and painful. Now, the worst decision I've ever made.

My gums have almost completely disappeared. My dentures are holding on by a thread. I just got a new pair and by the time they came in, three weeks or so, they no longer fit. My gums are all but gone. It's aged me 100 years. I used to be beautiful. It's hard to talk and hard to eat. I've had hep c for twenty years. I finally had treatment last year. I am allegedly cured and grateful but I'm told my liver is one of the largest they've ever seen. I'm only stage two. I don't drink. Haven't in decades. I'm only 45 and this is my life. Pain every day where my liver is so enlarged it's pushing up against my ribs and such pain to eat or talk. The doctors see no connection. They are idiots. Gums don't just disappear in two years, after ten years of never having one adjustment. Now I must adjust them once a month and they tell me I'm fine. The one thing I've learned out if this is that doctors and dentists don't know everything. Be careful who you listen to. Do your own research. Some doctors really don't care at all.

I went to the denist & He is doing a filling & He says he will clean my gums! My gums are quite sore.

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