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Confused but also relieved

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I've just been for an ultrasound scan today after getting an ALT score of 295 around six weeks ago. According to the consultant, there were no signs of scarring or indications of a fatty liver. I still have an appointment at the end of November with a specialist to discuss my test results and will be having another blood test soon.

So I'm confused as to why my ALT count is so high when there's no obvious signs of liver damage. But also relieved that there didn't appear to be anything showing up.

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ALT is a liver inflammation marker (although it can indicate issues other than in the liver). It might be that you have some ongoing liver inflammation which has not yet caused any damage - the cause of this will need to be explored. Ongoing high ALT (alanine aminotransferase) indicates something is causing your liver to be inflamed - a continuously inflamed liver will eventually show some signs of deterioration.

Good news at present that you don't have visible damage to the liver but also good news that you are soon to see a specialist who will hopefully try and establish what exactly is going on.

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