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Hi worried about my enlarged spleen and liver ! :(


Hi everyone!

I've had a spleenomegly (currently 16.5cm) for 2 and a half years with no symptoms, was a incidental finding i have been seeing a hematolgist ever since just to keep a eye on things.

My last pet ct scan 2 months ago showed a enlarged liver, didn't say how enlarged on report, but i keep getting tummy pains and wondering if it could be to do with that?

My dr said it could be a diagnosis of early lymphoma but ive just had a bone marrow biopsy, so he wants to have a look at that, my bloods have always been perfectly fine.

What happens in the case of enlarged liver?

I know a spleen can be removed, but what would happen to the liver?

Is there any natural remedies i can take? Diet/ lifestyle?

I don't drink, but i am overweight (not long just had my 3rd child so trying to loose weight currently)

Any advice would be amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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Have you had liver function tests (blood tests) to indicate whether your liver is inflamed at present. There are conditions such as Non-Alcohol Related Fatty liver disease which can cause a liver to become infiltrated with fats and cause it to enlarge. In turn a liver under stress can lead to enlarged spleen. Avoid any so called tonics and miracle cures. I would want them to evaluate why you liver is enlarged - if it's NAFLD then you might need to make some lifestyle adjustments to diet & exercise. Information on it at:- britishlivertrust.org.uk/li... There is even a specific fatty liver disease which can occur during pregnancy though it is usually more acute. Again information on BLT site :- britishlivertrust.org.uk/li...

If it is fatty then this is reversible so that's good news, if the liver is less stressed then the spleen issue might rectify too. Taking steps to look after your liver certainly won't harm you going forward even if this isn't the cause of your current issues. If your spleen isn't causing any issues even though enlarged then they will probably be loathe to take it out.

If your current medical team don't find answers then ask for referral to liver specialists (hepatology).

All the best, Katie

Have you had a full blood count done in relation to your spleen? Have you had an MPN diagnosis?

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