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Manchester bees

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We took our two grandsons to say goodbye to the Manchester bees today. They were all the Manchester velodrome and will now be auctioned off. Unfortunately it poured down with rain which spoilt it a little but the bees are so beautiful and inspiring it was still worth the visit. Sadly my grandsons lost their 29 year old uncle in the Arena bombing so it was even more emotional for us. Martin was as many people said "a one man party" and certainly lived his short life to the full. We live in stockport and we're getting 40 frogs dotted about 😄 next april. Somehow I don't think they'll draw the same size crowds as the bees.

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The pic is wonderful. I'm so sorry to that his uncle died in that terrible Bombay

I live in Rochdale so nothing far from you. Sending all my love and hugs to you and all your fantastic Lynne xxxx

Isn't it wonderful how beauty and inspiration always follows such tragedy ? X

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