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Fibroscan and Alcoholic Hepatitis

Hey all, as some have seen previous posts I have made about Fibroscan results and the affiliated research associated with inflamation I wanted to add to it a bit. Three months ago I haf a fibroscan result of 58.9. Last week I had another test done and the kpa has dropped to 38. I finally had got to see an actual hepatology team and this is what I was told: The discussion that exists with fibroscan results relating to fibrosis staging is difficult for hepatologists to quantify. This is because alcoholic hepatitis and its effects are commonly over looked by other doctors. Often people are getting told they have cirrhosis because a fibroscan says so when in fact it is only a tool used to aid in the diagnosis of cirrhosis. I was told that it is impossible to diagnose cirrhosis with a fibroscan while the liver is in active hepatitis inflamation. The effects of alcoholic hepatitis on the machines results can be elevated for at least a year sometimes. Tho the google box says that inflamattion scores are only mildy affected on fibroscans for the most part. This is clearly not true. As my inflamation has dropped so has my score. Clearly as It has dropped 20 kpa in only three months. I was told by my team that they will not diagnose cirrhosis until at least a year has past and the dust has settled. HOWEVER 50ish percent of people with alcoholic hepatits have cirrhosis underlying. 50ish percent tho do not. Fibroscans can and are drastically influenced by inflamation. So I thought id pass this on as not only am I being told this by a yeam of hepotologists but a team of hepotoligists from one of the finest liver centres in all of Canada. And for the record they do not endorse the use of biopsies anymore for a myriad of reasons.

I hope this helps anyone in their research or anyone who might have had wanted to ask a hepotologist these things. We all struggle with this fibroscan result at somepoint it seems. So thats what I was educated on this week


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I had one done she disharged me with arld


With no other tests? They diagnosed it right there with just the fibroscan result?

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The dr was Pratt two weeks and I caused her to make me feel a low life


Thanks for this, really helpful. Can I ask whether you know how alcoholic hepatitis is diagnosed? Would it show up under a standard ultrasound for example? I had high liver function test results (generally after periods of drinking a bit too much), but they have now gone back to normal. However I still have a dull ache around the liver area and am wondering whether this is inflammation. And can the cause of any inflammation be decided between alcohol and stage 2 fatty liver?

Seeing the GP today and don't know whether I should be referred to a hepatologist.




Hey Nick. Usually it is diagnosed based on things like billiruben and ast/alt ratios from the time you were ill. For example I had Ast levels elevated above my ALT buy a ratio of about 3:1 meaning my Ast was about 140 and my Alt was about 50. My billiruben was high and my ggt was as well. Though I quickly recovered from the initial elevations I was presenting in the hospital as somone with decompensated liver disease .. mind you I had a severe case of alcoholic hepatitis. But when I was discharged only being diagnosed with fatty liver. But when the fatty liver resolved my enzymes were still a bit high .

In my experience GPs and doctors who do not deal with the liver have very very limited knowledge of liver disease. My GP admitted I knew vastly more than he did when it came to liver disease. And he simlply didmt have the knowledge to answer the questions I had for him. That was how I was referred to a hepatologist.

But yes for sure Nick if you can get a referral to a hepotologist do so. Even if it is just fatty liver who better to deal with it than a liver dr?! Hope this helps😊

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Oh sorry Nick I forgot to say that it is possible to see it on an ultrasound depending on what type of ultrasound. As there is almost if not always some level of fibrosis present with alcholic hepatitis


Many thanks, ready useful. Will push to be referred. All the best, nick


Hi there,

Thanks for posting my results bounce around. Hep C 20 years now cured but not before cirrhosis set in.

Although they are just guessing really.

20kpa now with normal bloods.

6month ultrasounds. Blood work.

Now having more acid reflux and bloating.


Hey im glad to hear you are cured of hep C! How long has the fibroscan stayed at 20kpa? And how much did you find it fluctuated over the years? Its amazing how much it can fluctuate before being level at a point. Im so glad this post hit a nail on the head for alot of readers.


Thank god u put this as I have had a fibro scan only because uk don't belive in my tests ect when I was living there as so I'll drink dependent 3yrs sober diagnosed hepatic stenosis ,early cirrhosis this has been dissmissed by liver dr disharged .i have had ulcers I've got ADHD so post may be confusing thanks


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