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Test results not good!! WORRIED


Hi everyone, first post so be kind! I was diagnosed with a fatty liver 3 months ago, I have only in last month taken that news seriously after reading loads of posts on here. I have been a heavy drinker for 15 years, no drink for last 3 weeks and feel pretty good. I went for liver function test and got results yesterday, ggt 380 up from 6 weeks ago ( thought it would reduce with not drinking ) alt 120 up from last time. I know no one can comment on results but I am worried sick now, I had been referred to a doctor because of constant pain in upper right side and was told I have to get an endoscopy next couple of weeks. How long does it take for ggt to come down after not drinking? I'm in the UK and 55. Sorry for rambling really worried.

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Hi Stevie14,

I can’t offer much advise on alcohol and how long the liver takes to recovery if you stop drinking although I have read many post on here of positive news from people that abstained and their livers recovered.

What I will say is firstly welcome to the group. There are many people here that will offer you advice and a friendly ear.

Try not to worry too much. Things can improve. If you have any specific questions don’t be shy.

All the best

stevie14 in reply to Identity75

Thank you for your reply, and the welcome, I am trying not to worry but I just hope I have not been stupid enough to cause lasting damage!!

Hiya it can take months for there to be a difference in results, I know it's hard to listen to but carry on with the no drinking and cut out any bad eating habits, fresh foods and no salt and I am sure within the next six months you will see a big change the liver is an amazing organ it just needs some TLC at the moment x

stevie14 in reply to jojokarak

Thanks Jojo I am determined to do just that, my diet is quite good and I walk 4-6 miles a day with my beautiful big dog, so Its just the alcohol that's the problem, but will continue as I am doing and hope it's not to late, thanks for the reply xx


Feeling good is half the battle won. I felt dreadful for a couple of months during my detox/recovery (anorexia, brain fog, fatigue). I distinctly recall the 90 day milestone as a turning point for me.

Most X-Drinkers do remarkably well, particularly if they clean up before advanced symptoms occur (jaundice, ascites, swellings, bleeding).

Let's set a "worry date" for your 90 day recovery labs, & try not to dwell on "what might be" until then. Hope you're back in the black by then.

Steviebhoy14 in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much for this Metanoia, I am trying to stay positive and taking my alcohol free journey at the moment in small chunks first a week then 2 weeks, and now I am focusing on a month, after that you are so right 90 day worry date sounds like a plan, going to try and not worry until then, tested again then and hopefully see a big improvement.

Many thanks

Hi , my ggt came down from 160 to 47 with 4 weeks abstaining but I was lucky and the ultrasound showed no fatty liver. Sure it will come down in time good luck!

Steviebhoy14 in reply to Carper1

That's good to hear Carper, I hope by looking after myself I can do the same.


Hi Stevie, well done on cutting the alcohol, I had similar issues and eventually needed a liver transplant. In my case I had not been diagnosed with fatty liver until my liver had suffered severe cirrhosis which prevented it from regeneration.

All I could do was ensure I stayed healthy enough for surgery. Walking became difficult so all I could do was change my diet which helped. Cutting your intake of salt and anything stressful to your liver helps a great deal. Hopefully your liver can still repair. Good luck, stay strong.

Racytay2010 in reply to Gordon99

Hi....I went into hospital 6 weeks ago and after CT was told my liver was that of an 80 year olds....im 43. Did a biopsy and i have stage 4 cirrhosis.....what should I expect when I go see the specialist for first time...I am terrified.....also have an enlarged spleen and right kidney atrophy....no symptoms until 6 weeks ago

Gordon99 in reply to Racytay2010

In my case my spleen was also enlarged and eventually my kidneys started to struggle.

When cirrhosis is advanced then my impression is that a liver transplant is required to improve your health.

When it was discovered that this was the only long term solution in my case I was also told that I was not yet Ill enough to be admitted to the transplant list.

I had to stay healthy enough to survive major surgery whilst I was becoming sick enough to be allowed on the transplant list.

I stopped drinking completely - this is a major part of being allowed on the list - I also cut down on salt, fat, sugar etc. I was trying to reduce my intake of toxins as my liver was not able to process it all.

I developed ascites which was treated with diuretics for a while but after these stopped being effective I had to be drained every week or so.

Eventually I was sent for a 4 day assessment.

This led me to being put on the transfer list.

In the meantime I had cured myself of type 2 diabetes by my dietary changes.

I was given a transplant three months later after a couple of false alarms.

Now 20 months later I feel fitter than I have for years.

If I were you I would ask about being assessed for joining the transplant waiting list.

And support campaigns to improve the donor schemes.

Good luck.

Hi Stevie,

As has been said it can be a while before your liver shows signs of improvement. Alcohol and diet are the two things that you must focus on initially. Cutting out alcohol will ensure that whatever the long term prognosis is, you will be entitled to receive it without any issues. It will also allow your liver the chance to recover and carry on doing the huge amount of work it does in our system. Cutting out salt and eating healthily will also help it repair itself. The stages of liver disease are normally fatty liver which becomes fibrotic (hardening). This then becomes cirrhotic which is irreversible. A cirrhotic liver is also the perfect breeding ground for liver cancer as I only know too well.

Stopping drinking is the easy part, the hard part is staying stopped. I stopped completely in October 2002, but would have found it impossible to do it on my own. I decided to go to AA and haven’t had a drink since. The ability to make friends, talk about the difficulties we face, and help others in exactly the same situation has changed my life. My medical issues really didn’t start until about 2013, and my abstinence from alcohol has helped me every single step of the way. My story has been written about on here many times, but in November 2016 I was given 12 hours to live and my liver was expected to fail immininently. Well I’m still here, feeling better than ever, travelling the world while I can and just enjoying life. Stopping drinking wasn’t the end of my life is was the end of one life and the beginning of a brand new life that was so so much better. Keep in touch, let us know how you are getting on and if you need any further advice send me a PM.


Did you have a transplant or what happened.

Difficult times for you and your family, but following the advice given before, you give yourself the opportunity to make life better. Has the Doctor advised on cause of pain in upper right side. I experienced the same and subsequently had variety of tests and an endoscopy. Not nearly as bad as it sounds. Worst case you have a transplant, which again sounds more scary than it actually was. This does not mean it is not a complex operation performed by some of the best surgeons in the world but for you the patient, most feel better from the moment the wake up in recovery. You can then go on and live a full normal life, no alcohol mind. But that's a good thing. The best solution is to be positive and I hope your liver recovers. Do as you are advised by Consultants, don't be afraid to ask questions. Plenty of good people on this forum with a wealth of experience to help you through this.

Thank you all for your replies, I can only just stay positive and look after myself with abstaining from alcohol and keep a healthy diet, I will keep in touch and keep you informed, many thanks for words of support.

You have already taken the first biggest step ever and that is to stop the alcohol. 10 yrs ago I was given less than 6 months to live. Ascites, malnutrition, bleeding, tachycardia etc.. 3 drains done, 6 weeks in hospital, endoscopy. Heliobactori test as I had a duodenal ulcer from.the drink .

Well 10 yrs on and im.still here! Can't believe it myself... I did fall off the wagon in 2012 affer caring for my dad with cancer. After he passed I went on a 2 yr binge, took 2 yrs for my liver yo go back to where i first was.

Been sober now 4 yrs, yes i have all that comes with cirrhosis and f4 end stage fibrosis. Not much fun but good diet, low salt, no processed foods, cut down on sugar too .

It took me a good 12 months to actually bring my LFT results down.

Take each day as it comes, don't worry so much on readings etc.. keep going on the right track and you will get there.

Thanks for this Millie, you certainly have been through the mill. Your right I just need to stick to being alcohol free and live a healthier lifestyle, your story certainly puts things into perspective for me, I wish you health and happiness. X

Your most welcome lynne Steviebhoy, it's hard going at times but thats life in general really, only we have to be just that littke more mindful.

Keep up the good work 👍. Anytime you need to chat just pm me ..best wishes Linda x

Hi Steve ,,it's helping me stopping drinking by comming on to this site ,,I'm finding it hard , but I'm determined to g t a good results when i go for my fibrosis scan in the next couple of weeks , if i feel i need a drink i come onto here ,it reminds me what damage I'm doing ,,,,,

Millie09 in reply to kinsella123

Great news! Well done. 👍😊 .

Hi Stevie, It is not uncommon for g.g.t ( general inflammation) ect to rise after stopping drinking, mine did. It is often due to the detoxing process your liver is going through, my numbers also rise if I diet and the yuky toxins are released from the fat cells where they,ve hidden out! Everyone varies, but it took round three months for numbers to start comming down. Well done on giving up the booze😊

Thanks moonbeam4 that gives me confidence and also makes sense, I will continue to be monitored and by staying Alcohol free hopefully results will improve drastically.

Many thanks


Welcme to our forum. Everyone is brilliant. Well done , you are doing so well. Take care Lynne

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