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Scared about hep c.

In 1974 I was diagnosed with with hepatitis. The doctor wasn`t clear about what type, but he told me that it was an Australian virus. I recovered very quickly & have had normal liver function tests ever since. There is one other thing that`s worrying me, I had a blood transfusion in 1983 after an operation & have been reading that transfusion given at this time may have been contaminated with hep c. I have yearly blood tests to put my mind at rest & so far they have been clear. Would I still be at risk after all this time?

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I also had blood transfusions. Mine were in February 1990 and I have been worried about hep c tpo as i have had spider naevie for at least 18months but increasingly massively in the last 6 months or so. I had a blood test for hep b, hep c and hiv last week which thankfully came back negative. So I still don't know what has caused my cirrhosis.


Was Auto-Immune Hepatitis investigated?


I have been referred to a gastroenterologist which could take up to 18 weeks! I assume that he will do tests to investigate the cause. I had graves disease in 1992 which is autoimmune and I'm type 2 diabetic which has now been reclassified as autoimmune. I know that if you have one autoimmune disease you're more likely to have others.


Hi, just an idea but based on the circumstances I.e your quick recovery etc. I'm wondering if it may have been Hep A, the one that's transmitted through poo...


sorry my e mails are going all over the place ,i dont know why.but my thoughts are with you and this hep c


As long as you had multiple help antigen or antibody blood tests come back negative then you should be clear from hep c. I know of A and B, there are some odd ones out there like D, E. Which, I need to brush up on. If you feel good and your AST and ALT are in range with a healthy in range albumin and a good Globulin/Albumin ratio. You're liver is most likely in good standing. Remember, hepatitis is a fancy medical term for hepat = liver and it's = inflammation. Therefore, it could have even been a virus like Epstein Barr that caused liver inflammation and the doctor called it viral hepatitis.

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