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Liver function results


Hi All this is my first post. Is it possible to have normal ggt... Ast... Alt and have cirrhosis? I medicated my anxiety disorder for years with alcohol..... Recently joined this site and freaked out when I learned it would cause cirrhosis. Two years ago I was diagnosed with mild fatty liver on ultrasound.... Doc never mentioned it could lead to cirrhosis.... Three months ago my liver function tests were normal....but I continued to medicate with alcohol. I have stopped drinking but still terrified..... And too scared to have an ultrasound..... Pretty stupid I know..... My question is can I go from normal bloods to cirrhosis in three months... Thank you in advance...

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Hi, the truth is you can. In my case they looked long and hard to find the trigger. I had evidence of Hepatitis E being present believed to be due to food poisoning, I crashed pretty quick and thanks to the NHS was assessed and received my transplant relatively quickly. I had been attending the Consultant for a couple of years and there was no warning that I was progressing to Cirrhosis, I was doing everything right. It just happened. I tell you this not to make you even more anxious, but to stress the importance of getting medical help and listening to what they tell you. You cannot hide from this, go for your ultrasound. It is far better to know than live in fear and suspecting the worst. It might not be the case. If the ultrasound needs further investigation you will get help. If you don't go, you will not. For your peace of mind, and for your family and friends. Please go for your Ultrasound.

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Thank you so much for your response.... Very good advice..... I will make an appointment....

How did everything go?

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