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High indirect and direct bilirubin

I had a sudden episode of very high blood pressure just over a year ago. I felt unwell one evening and took my blood pressure which was 198 / 124. It was still around 170 /115 at GP's next day. I had blood tests done and total bilirubin was 35, with direct at 12. I've had blood tests another 4 times since and always hovering around low 30's and direct around 9 to 12. I see a different GP everytime πŸ™„ and none seem to be bothered about finding the cause. After some pressure I got an abdominal ultrasound which GP says was okay. However I saw on the report that it was a very difficult scan due to gas so how good would it have been?

I'm getting concerned now as GP's don't seem bothered / able to investigate further.

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Your bilirubin isn't really concerning it's not that high...

Regarding your GP surgery just try and get appointments with the same GP at mine I see two and I don't have to explain my history as they both know me on a close basis ... You can say yes or no to seeing different doctors especially when your concerned about your health


Chumley - What is the upper limit on your Blood Tests for Total Bilirubin?


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