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Early stage of Cirrhosis based on Hepatitis B

Hello guys,

My mom e has early stage of "Cirrhosis " based on "Hepatitis B" (She lives with chronic hepatitis since 30 years). Doctors gave her a drug medicine and the name of drug is "Evasif 245 MG" which has active ingredient "Tenofovir". After we started to treatment she did some tests and we saw that every test results are negative for for this disease and doctor told us that means the treatment is ok.

My question is that: Can I ensure that this is the right treatment? What shoul we do? Which way we need to follow?

I need some advices from the people who has a stuation like that.

Thank you

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Tenofovir is an antiviral medicine used to treat chronic Hep B infection so it is the right medication for the job. It won't cure the condition as there is yet no cure for Hep B but it should contain her viral load to prevent the ilness from further attacking her liver. If blood tests are showing no sign of the virus whilst on this medication it's a good sign that it is keeping her viral load down.

Now that she has a diagnosis of cirrhosis too she needs to now look out for symptoms related to that and it would be protocol to have regular (6 monthly) ultrasound scans to check her liver for any lumps, bumps and possible lesions that can occur in a cirrhotic liver and also blood tests. I would hope she is seeing a hepatologist to monitor her.

I haven't any personal knowledge of Hep B just what has been cleaned from lots of reading and being a forum member here for several years.



I agree with Katie, tenofovir is probably the best that can be taken against Hepatitis B. I also had Hep B and was given tenofovir by my hepatologist but at the time my cirrhosis was way too advanced so it didn't do a thing and ended up needing a liver transplant.

I still take tenofovir every day along with fortnightly injections of immunoglobulin to prevent the virus from resurfacing thus damaging the transplanted liver.


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