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Finally after trying so hard and finally stopping drinking forever this time, trying to get my health back, hearing a few weeks ago that I have cirrhosis over the phone from a secretary. I told my parents. my dad didn't listen or hear or take it on board. my mum just thinks Ill have a perfectly normal life with nothing that will change as long as I don't start drinking again. So she finally said what are you feeling so worried about and I said well only if im very very lucky will nothing change. Anyway. She just said well what a bloody mess of a life Ive got. All my own stupid fault. Walked off. I cant on this on my own :-(

I just want a fresh start somewhere else.

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Hi There! You don't say at what stage of Chorrohiss you are at and that can make all the difference. If you are at the beginning stages you have a great chance of your liver rejuvenating itself back to normal but you must not drink a drop of alcohol anymore and usually after six months of abstinence bloodwork and another Cat Scan should tell you what is happening. Now if your at stage 4 you will probably need to be transplanted and will require a lot of support and depending on symptoms you may need a caregiver to help you. I am waiting to be transplanted right now and being from Canada it took me 2 years to get on the list even though my son is willing to be my donor, I have been through hell and back with this desease and if it wasn't for my young son of 23 years of age had not put his life on hold and given up his schooling to be my full-time caretaker I would not have gotten through this so hang tight with whomever might be your support system and don't run away and please don't ever give up no matter how bad it is. This site has gotten me through some of my worst times so keep asking questions and somebody out there will be able to help you. Good Luck moving forward and have the best Christmas and New Year.


Hey. There are othe people out there who will help. It must be so hard for you without having the support of your parents, but they have to adjust to this news. There is lots of support out there, just look at all the responses to other people’s posts. Keep strong. Xxx

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Hi, it’s not what we want to hear when we actually need support. Alcohol is now a huge no~no from now on. As has been said everything will depend on what stage your cirrhosis is at as to what happens next. I stopped drinking 15 years ago and not a drop has passed my lips since, unfortunately it didn’t stop me getting cirrhosis and subsequently cancer (HCC). I was placed on the transplant list where I patiently waited (who am I kidding) for 18 months. Got the call and the transplant was aborted after about 20 minutes due to a major haemorrhage. They gave me 24 hours to live and that was over a year ago. A transplant is no longer an option and I will live as long as my liver plays ball. Everybody on here has various experiences and it is a fabulous place to find support as well as offer support to others.

Moving somewhere else for a new start has one major drawback, you have to take you with you. Moving changes nothing I know of countless people who have done “geographicals” to change things, all to no avail.

If you are serious about giving up alcohol forever, then in my opinion AA is the perfect place to find like minded individuals all with the same goal.

I wish you the very best on your journey and don’t lose sight of the fact that the liver is an incredible organ capable of much more than we will ever know.


I was so sorry to read your comment, but I can relate to what is going on. People should be more supportive, but having had a drinking past, they always seem to treat you with suspicion. I think we often do and say things when we've been drinking that normally we wouldn't say. inhibitions go out the window, and we end up hurting the very ones we love.

I can understand why some people can become cold and bitter towards us. Having said that, this is the time where you now have to draw a line in the sand and look to the future. There's nothing you can do about the past, but you can certainly do something about the future. In some ways, mothers always know whats best, but rubbing your nose in it, really isn't helping.

You'll be the one who truly knows why you started to drink heavily in the first place. Behind everyone who has an alcohol-related liver problem there's a story. Sometimes we have to confront our demons head on. There maybe something their about our past that's haunting us and we seek solace in alcohol.

What I'm trying to say is that it's all about taking back control of your life again. Some how you've ended up going down a certain path in your life. Your not the first to go down this road, as I, and so many others have been down the same road. Try to analysis how you got there. Learn were it all went wrong. It's so important that we learn were we all went wrong, so we don't go on making the same mistakes in our life.

Your parents are most likely suffering at your news. I can understand how your father may well be in denial with your condition and doesn't want to hear, acknowledge or even talk about this situation. Your mother on the other hand may well be hurting also. I'd give her time to come to terms with your condition. JUST STAY OFF THE BOOZE. I believe that once she see's you trying to emotionally deal with your issues, she'll come round. After all, that's what mothers do.

Please don't become a stranger to this site, your find a lot of help and support here. You are not alone.

I don't know if your aware, but on the main British Liver Trust's website there's a page called "Your Stories" (it's under the find help section) why not consider posting your story up here? Mine's up there at:

Lastly I'll end by wishing you a Happy Christmas Charleeeeee. Don't forget to draw that line in the sand and tell yourself.... New Year, New beginnings, New Life. Be strong and look to the future.

Richard xx



So sorry to hear about your experience. This site is wonderful for support, I had a similar experience to yours that I posted and the advice from people on here was gratefully recieved. People react in different ways to the news and certainly my mum in the end had to have it spelled out to her how serious it was by my consultant. I think she still believed a hot drink of honey and lemon would fix me and I would be doing the Charleston around the house.

I still feel like the elephant in the room but as a person I am much stronger. Focus on yourself , NO alcohol and remain positive. Reading other people’s experiences ,advice and personal feelings will make you realise that you are not alone and you have all of our support.

Wish you a merry Christmas and remember a positive new year x

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Thank you all for your positive replies and outlooks. I think now I asked my GP for a fibroscan to be expedited rather than a 4 month wait, I will know where I stand. All I know if that it is cirrhosis but compensated. But it will be great to know where I stand a

bit more. I think only when I know that my mum will start to understand. I don't think my dad will ever take it on board. Perhaps I will be able to get my hepatologist to explain it. I hope he is nice, they did tell me his name... For now, its all the healthy stuff for christmas, nothing wrong with turkey, sprouts, chestnut stuffing lots of veg and gravy, or christmas pudding with brandy -SET ON FIRE! and double cream! I did do a 3 mile walk this morning! My mum bought some alcohol free wine that I almost spat out, it tasted like that old half gone off bottle of wine I'd forgotten about! Soda water and lemon juice is much nicer!

Made the most of Christmas day anyway, and I'm looking forward to 2018. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time wherever you all are, thank you xxx


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