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Spouse with cirrhosis

So I'm back. Very upset. Today we found out hubbys cancer is back and with his cirrhosis who knows if chemo will work this time. They have agreed to put drain back in belly instead of tips. Just very lost here.

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So sorry to hear that, horrid news for you both especially at this time of year. Hope hubby feels better with the drain in and that somehow they manage to treat his cancer. Do try and still enjoy Christmas and live every day to the full.

Thoughts with you both,

Love from Katie x


Thank you


Sorry to read this it’s such devastating news for you both hope the treatment works and although hard try to stay positive you can both beat this



I’m sorry about your husband but hope that he can get the right treatment for him. I know it is hard. My husband has stage 4 cirrohsis and has had the confusion/HE and takes lots of meds. Cancer is everywhere. Hate it!


So. I'm back. We had good Christmas with the kids. Hubby has decided no more treatment. His cirrhosis will not withstand the chemo. So we'll take one day at a time. Y'all have been very nice. Thank you


I’m sorry to read your news. May peace be with you and your family xxx


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