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High Alt, fibroscan 7.7 CT scan now biopsy scared

Hi everyone, I'm hoping you help can ease my mind or help me with these results! back in July I had a bout of gastritis I was in hospital for a week as my ATL was in the 400's eventually it returned to 37 now it's started to rise again. Doctors are worried as they don't know what's causing it. two weeks ago I had a fibroscan results were 7.7 I've just had a cat scan now I need a biopsy all these tests I'm afraid I might have liver cancer or some other nasty illness I had a bone marrow transplant 27 years ago and suffer the late effects of treatment I don't drink so don't really know why I'm so worried

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Don't go jumping the gun with possible diagnosis's. It sounds like you are in good hands and are getting all the right tests for docs to work out what's going on. A fibroscan of 7.7 indicates you have some thickening of the liver tissue - what is possibly causing that is up to doctors to work out!!

You DON'T have to drink to get liver illness - there are many conditions that have zero to do with booze including fatty liver, genetic, hereditory and auto-immune conditions as well as viral infections. Good news is they don't generally biopsy for liver cancer & if that was what they were considering that as a diagnosis it would have shown up in CT scan and they would probably have ordered an MRI to follow up.

Liver Biopsy will look at your liver on a cellular level to look for what is going on in an around the cells and ducts of the liver - auto-immune conditions and others do generally show up in biopsy slides.



Thanks for the reply, that's good they don't biopsy for cancer diagnoses I've only just had a CT scan so no I've no results yet, I guess it scared me as nobody informed me I was having a CT scan or a biopsy. until I received letters .



Ct scan was fine, lived ATL results went back to 37 again so lived biopsy was put off. I have just had lft’s done and ATL was 76 so I’m having a repeat BT in mid June hopefully it will be back to normal I have been advised to lose weight as I may have NAFL


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