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Gastritis Tender Abdomen Hot Flushes Agoraphobia Symptoms

Hello I have always found people's stories helpful so thought I would share my own, I have had a long standing condition which first happened while having a meal out but before I did it felt like I was having a heart attack. Got to A & E and had the odd few blood tests and prods and was diagnoised as gastritis at the time, grumble in the belly but wasn't too bad and then got back. Had a sort of faint burning in the belly since then but would never get really bad attacks unless it was the day after a "binge session", then I would always get an attack the day after, cheese and fatty foods also seemed to be a good way of firing of one of the attacks as well.

On and off throughout the years carried on drinking and eating like a fool till it got really bad the last year where I had a sip of wine and sent me into an attack but felt even worse than normal and could barely breathe. Wouldn't even think of having anything alcolic as it would probably send me into another stomach attack, but I couldn't eat anything bar starchy food potato rice bit of cereal ect. and went from 80 Kg to 60 Kgs.

The worst part about the pain is it's made me unable to leave the house as when the attacks happen it's deliberating and I can't even find anything to take the pain away, the pain though in the five years has always been dead center just underneath the breast plate and v. rarely ever gone pain to the back.

At one point everything set it off even small things like paracetamol I couldn't take which is a shame because I get sort of head pains / dull aches where I don't run a temperature but my head gets very hot. On a side note as well I actually found out I had a very large infestation of worms although didn't know the type, since they have been out I have felt better but still the same gnawing pain in the same place, but the attacks now don't happen nearly as much, they would happen twice a day at one point.

Ideally would be nice to find something that would workt to take the pain, tried going gluten free with not fats which didn't seem to make much of a difference, omeprazole seems to give me head aches although ranitidine 150 Mg BD seems to cause little problems but don't see much improvement. Food wise tyring to get lots of ginger in and recently trying slippery elm which seems ok and ordered Kolanticon Gel as well because a lot of good reviews (seems rare to find).

It's the frustration of the serverity of the pain, stomach is almost always tender where you can't put a lot of pressure on it without being very sore and becomes more sore when the attacks happen, I also had a lot of sessions on the menal side who doesn't think I am depressed or anything like that but it's not having some pain releif which I feel is stopping me from going outside which is really affecting my life.

It actually stopped me getting married because I couldn't make it out the house (hadn't been able to for months before) and ended up being dumped and kicked out the house after a four year relationship so has really affected my life, I did have an endoscopy about 3 years ago where nothing was found and an ultrasound again negative which was disappointing as finding out a diagnosis would be helpful to be able to treat it, unfortunately not being able to leave the house makes it much harder.

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Hi, I can only offer my sympathy and let you know I was homebound for 2 years. Is their a befriending service who can come to you with the view of getting you out. That saved me

Best wishes, julie

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There are a few I think but I hadn't heard of the servcies till you suggested! A lot of it is pain related and a nightmare as I haven't found anything to just take the edge of which I find annoying, my own fault not getting much stronger stuff as always the nervous of getting hooked on it :/


Hi, I take oramorph which I'm probably hooked on but in my case its better being slightly dependant than hooked on drink. I'm in immense pain as my back has given way due to degenerative disc disease but I get taken out once a week which does me good. There are charities out there that offer befriending and i would investigate if i were you. I have stacey and shes great. Takes me to appointments, shopping, doctors or just a coffee xx

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Yeah I supposed definitely hopefully that does help with the pain rarely had back pain but know it can be horrible. I will certainly have a look and see what there is thank you for the reply :) x


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