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SORRY EVERYONE I NOT REPLIED. IM really in a state as neuro sent me letter the summery this is in the way I'm putting it ) meningioma in head is the least of my problems .

as of the amount of medication as I Ritalin and diazepam and physical heath and just stopped drinking{ but its been 3 yrs ) he could not explain my black outs and staring at walls for hours and it vas that it was important first to have a phyciaric assecment asap and see a hemotoliigist as well .

however,what, ,was glaring was visible scars of deppression.he said it should be highest priority reffered to management of CHRONIC LIVER DESEASE.AND I HAD MICRONODULAR HEPATIC CIRRHOSIS.

the reason the capital letters whywhy a year ago early hepatic cirrhosis now its this nae I'm so ill anyway I aint drunk as I'm never going there again I'm to scarred to live like this

watch and wait not one person apart me daughter which we struggle no help for her mental health. please would anyone help me why its called this whats going on and best tell me what if I'm needing to be told as I am as I'm not well and need to sot daughter out as we cant be left with no help I'm frightened that they need to explain as I'm to scarred to live and terrified to die without hing I aintsaid I no its stupid but I cant take another test another assessment fr mental health begging I'm tired of it being a no no support sorry I'm so lonely n this houebound insane I wish I was then I would not no.

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Hi Faithfull, sorry you are still struggling so much. It must be very difficult with so much going on and perhaps doctors throwing out all this med speak without taking time to explain it.

Hepatic Cirrhosis as diagnosed previous (hepatic just means liver) cirrhosis is the overall term for advanced fibrosis of the liver.

Micro nodular Cirrhosis is a description of the types of lumps and bumps (nodules) that are forming in your liver and their location (micronodule just means yours are very small lumps and bumps). It isn't any different from what you already knew and is just a more medical term describing where and what is going on.

Here is a link I found to a page with describes Micronodular Cirrhosis which I hope helps to explain what your doctor has said.

When you next see doctor it might help if you ask him/her what your blood toxin levels are like. There is a condition of advanced cirrhosis called HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY which is where the blood isn't being de-toxified properly by the liver and as a result the toxins start to affect brain function. This can lead in the more minor stages to brain fogginess, memory and concentration issues, sleep disturbance and confusion. In more serious cases it can lead to personality changes, difficulty walking, hand writing, hand flapping, out of character behaviours, black outs and coma. Most people with cirrhosis are advised to make sure they are toiletting regularly to help rid the body of toxins - 3 times a day and doctors usually prescribe LACTULOSE for this. Where signs of HE are present the lactulose is usually prescribed alongside RIFAXIMIN to further help with treating the condition.

I do hope you get some proper support and help soon.

Katie x

BSA-3 in reply to AyrshireK

What a fantastic answer, Katie. (As usual!) I was struggling to even begin to answer this post! Thank you.

Faithfull in reply to AyrshireK

Crying at min thank you so much I keep asking what's going on with liver and they have not told me about diet I no I feel like I'm losing my mind if they don't tell me in kids terms I ain't got a clue at what stage am I am I being really over the top about me as I abused my own body with drink drugs and feel bad when feel like they think I'm stupid and so improbably am but I now need to no as I have to get whatever sorted out in my head then sort out my gathers as yes adult but this none is listening can they tell me as there is no one and an ADHD person can help but I'm worried as my body detiorating I feel .

Faithfull in reply to Faithfull

Ment daughter

Take care faithful. Katie is right. Try and get to see your doctor and let them know you don't know what they mean and you want them to explain things to you nice and simple. Also ask what your blood readings mean.

We are all rooting for you.

Have you managed to get an advocacy service to help you?

Thinking of you.


Faithfull in reply to 19581979

I'm replying first and foremost I think u be proud of me I'm hoping this will help anyone as well

U have got me threw the most stressful server time all that time I had also been doing me own case and yes I got threw this with the feeling of warmth and hope and all United first ryes and has been there my first reply and I'm crying as we all in fear and my heart is out there with all of you .

AK21 in reply to Faithfull

How are you doing Faithfull? Hope you are ok.

Faithfull in reply to AK21

Holding on to trying to cope there is so much to cope with this area is no hope in hell of getting help I done all I can I feel that why am I going at all to the GP hospital as I have no quality of life and how I'm so living like a recluse who ain't got a clue,but I ain't getting dr to give me 5min if I'm lucky


We all know you are having to cope with a lot of things. You are doing really well.

😀 gx

Hidden in reply to 19581979

You are doing really well, Faithful. You are having to cope with so much. Have a look at the link Katie put up, it will really help you. Drs should explain things in a way that we can understand instead of using medical jargon!! Please take care. Lots if love Lynne xxxx

Faithfull in reply to Hidden

Sorry I been thinking of u all been ill in the head anyway hope u ok xx I gonna look at the link

Faithfull in reply to Hidden

I don't no where that link is or Katie please let me no thanks hope u ok.

AyrshireK in reply to Faithfull

If it's the link about micro nodular cirrhosis you want again. Here it is:-

Katie xx

Hidden in reply to Faithfull

Please take care. Lots if love Lynne xxxx

Faithfull in reply to 19581979

I'm sorry if I told u already but I got me divorce I done it on me own one yr of hell but I done it and they had to re open case as I thought I was divorced it was us till in court and attachment to it so I could not be sent old ones but 16yrson I'm divorced I'm just happy to let you no as I was not gonna pay for it as the vile him would not sign a first time hope your doing as well as u can thank you for support .

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